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Pricing for organizations of all sizes

Take your employees on a well-being journey all year long or start with a one-time challenge.


Do you have more than 500 participants? Contact us for a customized quote!

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One-time challenge

$ 7


+1,500€ of license fee

Launch a customizable challenge for up to 60 days.

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Ongoing wellbeing

$ 5


+ from 1,500€ of license fee

Implement well-being for your employees all year.

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License fee


$ 1,500


$ 1,500


Unlimited amount of template & customized challenges

Within your Consulting Hours package.


Consulting hours

10-25 hours

25-50 hours


Unlimited activities & mini challenges

Access to Management & Reporting dashboard

Add or modify activities, download reports, share stories, and more.


In-app communication and emails

App branding

Your logo and personalized corporate filters

Apple Health, Strava, FitBit, and Garmin integrations


User support


On request

On request

Frequently asked questions

What's the role of the Customer Success Manager?

Throughout the process, your dedicated Customer Success Manager will guide you in building your holistic wellbeing program and customized challenges. 

They consult you throughout everything, manage your challenge and analyze the data, adapt the campaign to the various situations that pop up through your challenge’s timeline (add activities, adapt ratios,…), send out custom emails, and even share success stories for inspiration.

What well-being content is offered?

We have 100+ hours of unique well-being content created by experts including yoga classes, breathing exercises, workout routines, guided meditations, and more.

Follow Magali, certified yoga teacher and Health Coach, in a 2-minute breathing exercise. Or Florence, certified yoga teacher and kinesiologist, in a 5-minute upper body stretch.

What data & analytics do we get access to?

We’ll be able to provide you with insights on the engagement of your employees and the necessary data to have weekly/bi-weekly shout-outs, rankings, mini-challenges, etc. You’d like to know who has received the most high-fives or the most active user? We got you covered.

What if I am not sure how many users will join my challenge?

Don’t worry, we only charge for active users because we care about your people being active!

Can I upgrade from the one-time challenge to the ongoing solution?

Of course! Your Customer Success Manager will guide you through your Challenge and can help you to set up your ongoing Wellbeing Program if you wish to do so.

Can I run more than one customizable challenge?

If you are not ready for a yearly commitment, you can launch two or three one-time challenges throughout the year based on the different themes we offer: fitness, mindfulness, sustainability, and impact.

Do you offer an onboarding process?

Absolutely! There are three stages to our onboarding process:

1. Initial Onboarding Call – you will meet your dedicated Customer Success Manager and discuss your expectations, objectives, strategy, and timeline.

2. Debrief call – the next step is to review your onboarding document and answer any questions you may have. Using this information, your customizable challenge will be created.

3. Challenge Review Call – it’s time to discuss feedback in regards to your challenge. Together, we will review your challenge, along with your Client Admin Panel, and show you how to take full advantage of it. 

When can my team use the well-being content?

Whenever they want to! They will always have access to this content right at their fingertips. And to get you even more excited, every time they watch a video from WellnessGO, this will count as an activity in your challenge. It’s that easy!

Is ongoing well-being really necessary?

By offering well-being to your team year-round, you’re going to find your employees are more productive, happy, healthy, and engaged throughout the year. 

Research proves workers who feel their employer cares about their well-being are 69% less likely to search for a new job, 71% less likely to report experiencing excess amounts of burnout, and 3x more likely to be engaged at work. 

Ready to help your employees start

their well-being journey?

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