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Frequently asked questions from our corporate partners

What services do you offer for companies?

We offer corporations a year-round solution or one-time challenges for employee well-being.

Our year-round solution improves the well-being of employees with gamified activities,  customized challenges, and wellness content created by experts.

How do your team building challenges work?

Corporations will pick a goal (e.g., plant 10,000 trees, unlock $10,000 donation, travel 10,000 km), and employees will reach the goal by logging impactful activities. Activities can include walking, biking, meditation, trash cleanup, donating clothes, and over 350 more!

Challenges can be based on physical or mental well-being, social impact, sustainability, or a combination (e.g., upon completion of physical well-being activities, employees can unlock a donation to a nonprofit).

How long do challenges last?

It’s up to you! For a first-time employee engagement challenge, we recommend 4 weeks to ensure engagement is high and then our clients move into our yearly solution.

What kind of engagement rates do you get?

We’ve had as high as 85% engagement in companies! For companies with more than 3,000 employees, the engagement is around 25% and for more than 10,000, it tends to be around 15%.

Engagement depends on various factors, such as internal communications channels or the involvement of top management. Our Customer Success Managers are happy to brief you on best practices.

How do I know which solution is right for my company?

Our team is here to help you pick the right solution! Book a demo today.

During the demo, you can expect:

• Qualification questions to better understand your goals

• An overview of atlasGO and what we offer 

• A rundown of the atlasGO mobile app and web dashboards 

• A demo of the features that are most relevant to you

Do you offer any integrations?

We integrate with your favorite fitness trackers…

All our challenges are tracked on the atlasGO app, which allows participants to log their activities through live tracking from our app, manual entry, or with 3rd-party integrations like StravaFitbitGarmin, and Apple Health.

… and your favorite communication tools

Engage with your employees on a platform they all use, whether it’s SlackWebex, or Microsoft Teams. Don’t overload your employees with emails, connect with them in your internal communication systems with automated leaderboards, photos, stat updates, unique video content, and much more.

How much does it cost?

Check out our pricing page to compare your options!

Can I try out the atlasGO application?

Yes, of course! Feel free to download the atlasGO app and give it a try. You can join our free community challenge to experience the most important features of the application. Please consider that these challenges do not show you the whole set of options you will have for your challenge.

Ready to talk to our team of experts?

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