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Ibexa’s employees came together in support of open-source projects and animal shelters

February 24, 2022 |

This year Ibexa decided to boost the well-being of their employees and motivate them to be more active for a good cause. That’s why they chose to organize an employee engagement challenge with teroGO.

IbexActive Challenge

Ibexa, an international Digital Experience provider, helps B2B companies to transform traditional sales strategies into frictionless buying experiences.

At the beginning of 2021, the Ibexa CSR team wondered how they could give something back to society and how they could involve their employees in this process. They came up with multiple CSR initiatives and made sure that every employee voted for her/his favorite initiative. Thanks to teroGO, they were able to combine the 3 best initiatives selected. 

“With teroGO we had the opportunity to combine our initiatives (fighting animal abandonment, supporting open-source projects, and motivating employees to be more active) in an uncomplicated and fast way. Furthermore, the possibility to take the experience everywhere you go with a mobile app, was a plus.” – Ibexa CSR Team

Thanks to their IbexActive Challenge, they were able to engage 80 participants and raise €6,000 in support of open-source projects and various animal shelters across Europe.

city with snow

The Ibexa CSR team chose a variety of activities so that there was something for everyone. During 1.5 months participants ran, biked, played music, cooked healthy dishes, gardened, and much more! Together, they tracked and logged more than 2,200 activities and workouts on the app and shared 800+ pictures.

Having an engaged organizational team is the best way to lead a successful Employee Engagement Challenge. Every week, a member of the CSR team shared tips and tricks with the participants linked to their favorite activities and hidden talents! 

Participants were also incentivized by the prizes promised to the winners of the following categories : 

• The team with the highest funds raised

• The first 3 participants with the highest funds raised

• The participant with the most km ran

• The participant with the most various activities logged 

• The best picture share on the app

hands with apple


“With the IbexActive challenge, we wanted to motivate our employees to be more active for a good cause. The idea was to show that even small impacts of individuals can have a large effect if they are combined. Not only were we able to do something good for ourselves, trying out new activities while having fun, but also impacting others who rely on active support. We are proud of our employees. We raised our donation goal after 5 weeks instead of the intended 6 weeks.”

“We were able to boost social exchanges in a remote work environment and to increase the willingness of our employees to get active in the near future again.” – Ibexa CSR Team

Engagement & team bonding

“In difficult times like these, meeting your colleagues in the office is not granted anymore. Therefore, many of our employees were happy to see impressions of their coworkers’ personal lives and started conversations about their hobbies to connect even more. Participating in this initiative felt like having your own social network at work and feeling more social again.”

“What made us happiest about working with teroGO is the positive feedback we received from our participants. We were not sure about the outcome of this initiative in the beginning. Additionally, the easy way we could handle occurring issues within the app or challenge itself made us very happy.” – Ibexa CSR Team

plate of foods

Last words

Ibexa’s first employee engagement campaign – IbexActive – was so successful that they launched a new edition just a few months later. They opted for teroGO’s annual license fee model which allows them to launch multiple customizable team-building campaigns all year long.

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