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Mattel’s Welcome Back Wellness Challenge

November 7, 2023 |

A Case Study in Employee Engagement and Environmental Responsibility

In a world where employee engagement, social responsibility, and sustainability are becoming increasingly significant, Mattel, a global toy and entertainment company, embraced the opportunity to foster a sense of community among its EMEA employees. In a collaborative effort on our platform dedicated to promoting digital wellbeing and engagement programs, Mattel organized the “Welcome Back Wellness Challenge”. This teroGO challenge sought to engage employees across Europe, enhance their physical wellbeing, and support a vital cause: reforestation in Burundi through a partnership with the Jane Goodall Institute. This challenge further built upon the successful collaboration between Mattel and the Jane Goodall Institute, which started with the Jane Goodall Barbie and a special Sustainability Mornings event in 2022.

The “Welcome Back Wellness Challenge”

The “Welcome Back Wellness Challenge” was Mattel’s maiden voyage with teroGO, and it proved to be an impressive endeavor. The challenge’s primary goal was to encourage employees to embrace wellbeing while actively contributing to sustainability, a combination that resonates deeply with Mattel’s values.

Katie Hewitt, Regional Public Relations Coordinator at Mattel, expressed, “Finding energy to improve your wellbeing and living a sustainable life can seem daunting at times, but with the teroGo app it was easy! The flexibility from teroGo to customize the activities was a great way to rally more participants each week.”

During the month of September 2023, employees across Mattel EMEA embarked on a journey to unlock up to 5,000 trees for the Jane Goodall Institute’s reforestation project. The challenge was designed to promote activities that aligned with sustainability, including walking, cycling, recycling, and enjoying plant-based meals. Every step taken, every kilometer cycled, and every sustainable choice made in the challenge contributed to a bigger cause.

The daily pinned posts on the teroGO feed, offering wellbeing tips and “tree facts of the day,” not only kept participants engaged but also served as an educational tool. As Katie stated, “Not only were colleagues motivated by the competition aspect, but as the days went on, everyone was eager to share their wellbeing pictures with one another and see what sustainability and wellness looks like across EMEA.”

Positive Outcomes and Impact

The “Welcome Back Wellness Challenge” was met with enthusiasm and positivity from Mattel employees:

  • A total of 123 participants took part in the challenge, creating a vibrant and diverse community of individuals dedicated to wellbeing and sustainability.
  • Over 2,000 activities were logged on the teroGO app, showcasing the commitment of participants to make a difference.
  • More than 159 captivating photos were posted on the teroGO feed, providing a visual testimony of the participants’ engagement.
  • An impressive 660+ virtual high-fives were exchanged among employees on the app, highlighting the strong sense of camaraderie and encouragement fostered throughout the challenge.
  • One of the most cherished outcomes for Mattel was the genuine connection formed among employees. Participants actively shared special moments, words of encouragement, and expressions of support, further solidifying the company culture and creating a sense of cohesion that extended beyond the challenge.

Katie’s insight echoes the sentiment of a cherished outcome for Mattel: “What a fantastic way to motivate employees after the summer holidays, all while contributing to such a beautiful cause with the Jane Goodall institute!”

Mattel’s collaboration with teroGO for the “Welcome Back Wellness Challenge” serves as a striking example of how organizations can align employee engagement, physical wellbeing, and social responsibility. By combining wellbeing with a purpose, Mattel successfully engaged its team and made a meaningful contribution to environmental sustainability through reforestation. This endeavor exemplifies the potential for businesses to create positive impacts on their employees, their communities, and the world.

In embracing this challenge, Mattel has showcased its dedication to its employees, its commitment to corporate responsibility, and its ambition to leave a lasting legacy of positive change. Mattel and teroGO’s partnership illustrates the powerful outcomes that can be achieved when corporations prioritize their employees’ health, wellbeing, and the environment.

If you want to make a similar to the Mattel Wellness Challenge with your company, don’t hesitate to reach out to us to schedule a demo or try teroGO for free – we’re eager to help you on your journey toward a brighter future for all.

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