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Boost the well-being of your team with an atlasGO challenge

Our community challenges help corporations promote employee engagement, increase company culture, and boost the holistic well-being of their team.

Comprehensive features create the space for employees to take care of themselves, support each other, and unite around an impactful goal.

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Make a difference with these challenge types:

man and woman running


Make mental health and well-being a team priority! Encourage healthier habits and foster resilience with 350+ fitness and well-being activities to choose from.

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group of coworkers smiling


Support a charity! Give back to a nonprofit organization and let your employees unlock these funds through fun and meaningful activities.

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man and woman picking up trash


Prioritize climate change! Partner with a reforestation partner and your employees can virtually plant real trees through a variety of environmentally friendly activities.

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Why invest in employee well-being?

Gallup found that when organizations invest in the wellbeing of their people they are:

graph about employee wellbeing

Incorporating a well-being program in the workplace brings real benefits!

Woman doing yoga at home
man a dog walking on the snow
family of six walking on a park in Spirit of Belron Challenge
dog smiling in a hike
employee wellness biking scenery
Swiss Re Foundation Cooking
man in a bike in a park
Man with dog
shoes of a woman in a yoga mat with purple dumbells
girl doing a carwheel in Spirit of Belron Challenge
legs of woman with rope
two bags of groceries
biker admiring lake view

Be our next success story!

Yeshe Zarotsang

​​“Our yearly atlasGO challenge allows us to create awareness for the Swiss Re Foundation, for our partners, and connect our employees from all over the world in a way it was not possible before we partnered with altasGO.”


Project Manager at Swiss Re Foundation

Read about Swiss Re’s success story

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