Comment les employés de XLG se sont unis pour lutter contre le cancer et les changements climatiques

In the midst of the pandemic, XLG partnered with atlasGO to create two employee engagement challenges to keep their workforce united and motivated around a common goal. In this case study, learn more about XLG, their accomplishments in these two campaigns, and how atlasGO was able to help. 

Together to fight kids cancer

XLG’s first challenge was socially orientated by supporting KickCancer, a nonprofit organization inspired to help families having kids facing cancer. They educate and empower families on nutrition and natural wellness to complement during and after cancer treatment, and financially support childhood cancer research. XLG employees motivated each other through competition to fight against cancer! 

Together to fight climate change

Thanks to the second atlasGO Employee Engagement Sports Challenge, they managed to raise 10,000 Euros in support of Graine de Vie, a nonprofit organization dedicated to reforestation.

XLG employees became more conscious of the impact of their activities on the environment thanks to this amazing team-building challenge. The mission was to plant 40,000 trees in Madagascar which will be the start of an XLG forest.

By the end of the second challenge, Tanguy de Briey, Marketing and Communications Manager at XLG proclaimed, “I would like to congratulate everyone for their participation, their good mood, their fighting spirit, and all of this during these difficult Covid times. Thank you all for helping XLG to make a better world and take care of our planet!”

XLG has stated that they are very happy to have seen employees from various companies within the group, gathering to do a common activity and get to know each other better.

XLG Employees workout

How atlasGO made this possible

atlasGO allowed 105 employees, grouped into regional teams, to compete through activities such as walking, tennis, jogging, Zumba, cycling, fitness, basketball, golf, kayaking, football, dancing, hockey, swimming, yoga, horse riding, rugby, and even community support like taking out the trash. They had leaderboards and chats, all accessible through our mobile app. Additionally, participants posted 524 sweaty selfies on the l'application atlasGO in the course of the 3-month challenge.

XLG Employees Dogs

More about XLG?

XLG was born from the merger of 48 service entities gathered in four major poles: Industry, Facility, Building, and Home. With more than 3,500 customers, 9,000 employees, 250 vehicles, and €250,000,000 in turnover, XLG is active in Belgium, France, and Luxembourg. 

XLG Employees walking dogs

Final Words

Conclusively, keeping employees motivated with the current pandemic is not an easy job, but when you are able to provide purpose and help them make an impact with their activities, you will increase morale and team-building. Just like XLG was able to raise 10,000 Euros for children with cancer, and planted 40,000 trees in Madagascar, you can also unite your workforce around the charity of your choice.

Are you ready for your next employee engagement campaign?

XLG Employees Dumb bells

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