Engage Your Employees and Plant Trees

Trees quite literally make up the lungs of the earth. No creature will be able to survive on this planet without the oxygen production of trees. It’s also widely known that trees, forests, and rainforests alike, are in great peril and face wildfires and devastating damage, and deforestation each year.

It’s up to us to save the planet, and you can do so while motivating and engaging your employees or team. 

How Does it Work?

You’re sold on helping the environment, but how exactly do you get started? Read the 5 steps below to get started, or contact  hello@atlasgo.org for more information.

1. Select Your Tree Planting Project

You get to choose the features and activities as well as the content included in your virtual campaign. You can also pick the goal. From 100 trees to 100,000, you have complete freedom to set milestones for your participants. You can also select the location in which the trees are planted. 

For those who want to help the Asian, Americas, and African regions, we have our trusted partner, One Tree Planted, to make it happen. We work with other amazing organizations, including Graine de Vie, Weforest, Trees for the Future, and many others.

2. Define Your Donation Amount

atlasGO sets it all up for you. We will make sure to set up the proper duration for the challenge depending on your target duration and the donation amount that you choose. We even take care of the rewards by handling the manufacturing, designing, and shipping of medals if you’d like to reward your participants!

person jogging in forest

3. Invite Your Employees

Once the challenge is set up, your employees will get a secret link to access your exclusive campaign directly on the atlasGO app.

4. Choose Your Activities

Everything can be done at your own pace, and you can even choose the type of activity you want to engage in. These challenges aren’t only about walking, running, or biking, but we also incorporate a multitude of activities such as yoga, meditation, gardening, or even volunteering!

5. GO!


Our app can be found on all app stores and can be integrated with Garmin, FitBit, and Strava.

We also have a proven track record, engaging employees of multinational corporations and many more enterprises, all for the greater good!

Benefits of Employee Engagement

The atlasGO virtual challenges can engage employees in a unique way, especially during times of COVID 19. While social distancing is still advised in many countries, we make racing and taking part in community challenges possible with our digital solution.

As a way for you and employees to keep each other motivated and offer encouragement, we offer virtual high gives and sweaty selfies. Our app fosters a sense of community by allowing all those who participate (our sweaty changemakers) to share their efforts day by day.

Not only will atlasGO and our wonderful non-profit partners improve employee engagement and keep up company morale, but we will also fulfill our mission by encouraging a healthier lifestyle with all those involved.

A company with higher employee engagement will see increased productivity, less turnover, happier employees, which translates to happier customers, a better quality of work, and therefore more revenue.

Participating in these virtual challenges on atlasGO will benefit all parties involved, whether it be the company, each individual employee, or the nonprofit organizations.

group of friends high five each other in a park

Benefits of Planting Trees

So, why trees? We believe that they are the backbone (or the lungs) of Mother Earth, and without greenery, nothing can survive.  We know that forests are responsible for the air we breathe. Still, aside from those basic needs, they also help with biodiversity by providing shelter for animals and decreasing climate change.

Humans actually need trees. When out in nature, being among trees can help destress us and even help the sick recover more quickly. They also improve the view of the cityscape and add to the architecture and design of neighborhoods.

As we can see, they have a myriad of health and communal benefits, but the role of trees doesn’t stop there. There are also plenty of environmental benefits that they provide as well.

They carry out evaporative cooling, which helps large cities with skyscrapers and industrial complexes. They redirect storm runoff, which will lessen the chances of erosion and flooding.

The more trees we plant, the less we need to worry about climate change. Not that we should ever stop reducing our carbon footprint, but trees can help the process along. They absorb CO2 and release the oxygen that we breathe. It’s almost like they were made to protect and ensure our lives.

The more trees we plant, the less we need to worry about climate change. Not that we should ever stop reducing our carbon footprint, but trees can help the process along. They absorb CO2 and release the oxygen that we breathe. It’s almost like they were made to protect and ensure our lives.

pine trees in forest


There are many environmental, communal, and healthy benefits of planting trees. atlasGO and our partners are dedicated to the well-being of the planet and all those who inhabit it.

Planting trees with our app coupled with your cooperation will also foster employee engagement and work to strengthen the bond that you already share. To top it all off, exercising (no matter what form) has countless benefits for a person’s health.

Participating in our tree planting campaigns will help reforest different parts of the planet that need it most, improve working relationships and therefore increase productivity, and also keep you and your stakeholders happy and healthy.

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