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Encourage sustainability at work

At atlasGO, we believe the health of our planet is essential to our wellbeing as humans. That’s why we offer gamified, virtual options for companies to encourage sustainability at work and involve employees in meeting their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals.

Recycling person

Engage employees with a sustainability challenge

Integrate sustainability and traditional wellness during your challenge.  

Unlimited activities

Engage employees to complete sustainability-based activities like recycling, picking up trash, carpooling, upcycling, and composting. Plus, they can earn virtual trophies by reaching their goals!

Customizable goals

Create custom goals that fit your company strategy, whether it's awareness, actions, habits or CO2 emissions. Plus, together with our nonprofit partners (or yours), we’ll help tailor the challenge to fit your goals.

Community driven & gamified

Employees will interact as a community as they track activities, share inspiring photos, exchange virtual high-fives, chat in clubs, compete on leaderboards, and more!

Visibility & inspiration

Educate and inspire your community with pinned posts, emails, and through workplace messaging integrations. Build your brand image as an employer of choice that makes a positive impact for our planet.

Want a customized demo?

Schedule a call to get to know us and our product. We will guide and support you throughout your journey.

Solutions start at just $4 per employee

Discover how they made an impact

Sisley logo
Success Story


Sisley planted over 78,000 trees in Australia during their atlasGO challenge. Employees in more than 30 subsidiaries around the world unlocked the trees by walking, cycling, and running.

Euronav logo
Success Story


Employees worked together as a team to unlock Euronav’s donation of €15,000 for the Great Whale Conservancy.

SIGA logo
Success Story


SIGA motivated employees to work on their fitness, connect with colleagues from around the world, and support an environmental nonprofit organization.

XLG logo
Success Story


XLG’s employees came together to plant a total of 80,000 trees, unlocked with the completion of fitness activities.

Swiss Re logo
Success Story


Swiss Re employees ran, hiked, and bicycled together to raise $50,000 for Velafrica to open up a brand-new bicycle center in Burkina Faso.

Read more Success Stories

Our sustainability partners

Collaborate with our sustainability partners, or yours, to make a meaningful impact on the environment.

Jane Goodall logo
weforest logo
One Tree Planted logo
Corvallis Environmental Center logo
Trees for the future logo
graine de vie logo
Center for Growing talent by pma logo
Jane Goodall logo

Mix sustainability with any other focus area

From one time challenges focused on sustainability to year-long comprehensive wellbeing programs, we have the perfect solution for you.

Warum du dich für atlasGO entscheiden solltest?

Für Gesundheit und Verbundenheit in deinem Team, während du gleichzeitig Gutes für die Umwelt tust!

Environment icon

ESG, SDG, and EHS strategy

Gamified options to involve employees in your ESG, SDG, and EHS initiatives.

Data & Reporting icon

Data & Reporting

Easily track employee efforts and improvements, analyze your KPIs.

Tax deductible icon

Tax deductible donation

100% of your donation goes to the nonprofits you support. No commission, no hidden fees.

customization icon

100% customizable

Mix and match our options to fit your needs, or introduce your own ideas.

Features designed to engage and unite employees

Discover our top features that will motivate your employees to join in and stay involved.

1. Activity tracking

Mitarbeitende bauen eine Community auf, während sie Aktivitäten tracken, ihre Wirkung feiern, indem sie coole Selfies teilen, sich gegenseitig virtuelle High-Fives geben, in Teams chatten, auf einer Rangliste antreten und vieles mehr!

2. Feed & Photo sharing

Mitarbeitende können alle Fotos und Aktivitäten sehen, die ihre Kollegen/Kolleginnen protokolliert haben! Scrolle durch den Feed, um geteilte Fotos zu sehen, und doppeltippe, um ihnen virtuelle High Fives zu geben.

3. Leaderboards

Bestenlisten fördern den freundschaftlichen Wettbewerb! Challenge-Teilnehmende können sehen, welche Teams und Einzelpersonen ganz oben auf der Liste stehen. Bestenlisten können auch nach Abteilungen, Bürostandorten oder jeder anderen Option erstellt werden, die euren Anforderungen entsprechen.

4. Clubs & Group chat

Clubs allow you to create communities inside your organization. With their own separate team chat option, members can share tips with each other. You can launch specific challenges for each of the clubs and members get to compete with each other on leaderboards!

5. Achievements

Let your employees choose and complete personal achievements based on physical and mental wellbeing, impact, and sustainability. There are options for everyone on your team.

6. Employee Surveys

Personalisierte Umfragen verfolgen den Fortschritt deiner Mitarbeitenden auf ihrem Weg zu mehr Wohlbefinden und helfen dir, mehr darüber zu erfahren, was ihnen wichtig ist.

new activity screen of atlasGO app for virtual challenges
atlasgo app showing a girl running
Leaderboards from atlasGO app for virtual challenges
clubs section in atlasgo app for virtual challenges
clubs group chat from atlasGO app
surveys from atlasgo app

We’re here to make your job easier

Throughout the process, your dedicated Customer Success Manager will guide you every step of the way and adapt as needed to make sure your goal is achieved!

Ready to GO?

Learn more about sustainability at work

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5 Earth Month activities for employees

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Sisley promoted employee engagement and planted over 78,000 trees with atlasGO

Sisley promoted employee engagement and planted over 78,000 trees with atlasGO

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Shifting Employees’ Mobility Behavior Is at the Heart of Corporate Sustainability

Shifting Employees’ Mobility Behavior Is at the Heart of Corporate Sustainability

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