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Sparking Joy at Luminus

Dezember 8, 2023 |

Luminus’s recent collaboration with teroGO for the “Team Luminus Loves Your Project” Challenge is a testament to the positive impact a company can make when it prioritizes employee well-being, engagement, and social responsibility.

The “Team Luminus Loves Your Project” Challenge

Luminus, a forward-thinking energy provider  and producer, embarked on their second journey with teroGO, our platform dedicated to fostering employee well-being, engagement and corporate social responsibility. The “Team Luminus Loves Your Project” Challenge, which spanned an impressive seven months, aimed to enhance employee well-being, boost company culture, promote teamwork, and make a meaningful contribution to society.

One of the unique aspects of this virtual challenge was that employees had the opportunity to nominate a charity they personally supported to then benefit from the initiative. This not only added a heartfelt touch to the challenge but also reflects Luminus’s commitment to make a positive impact within their community.

The activities featured in the virtual challenge encompassed a wide range of physical well-being and mindfulness pursuits, including walking, cycling, yoga, and other holistic well-being activities. The activities submitted unlocked donations to one of the nine chosen charities, resulting in a total of €15,000 donated—an incredible achievement that underscores the power of collective efforts in making a positive impact.

Impressive Stats and Heartfelt Engagement

The “Team Luminus Loves Your Project” Challenge garnered remarkable results, showcasing Luminus’s dedication to their employees and communities:

  • A total of 211 enthusiastic participants, each making their mark on the challenge.
  • More than 10,000 activities logged on the teroGO app, a testament to the participants’ dedication to their well-being and charity.
  • 926 inspiring pictures shared on the teroGO feed, not only showcasing the beauty of these activities but also the spirit of togetherness.
  • An astounding 2,867 virtual high-fives exchanged among employees, reinforcing camaraderie and creating an atmosphere of mutual support.

Luminus’s leadership was particularly pleased to witness the heartwarming gestures of encouragement that employees shared with one another during the challenge. This not only contributed to the cohesion of their teams but also added a significant layer to the company culture.

“Thanks to this challenge, Luminus employees were mobilized around one common goal: collect as much funds for different good causes. Nice to see how the teroGO app created awareness and stimulated them to get the best out of themselves. Employee wellbeing and CSR go hand in hand thanks to Team Luminus Loves Your Project.”
Brecht Snoeks, Communication Manager at Luminus


A special highlight of the challenge was Luminus’s in-person event to finalize the challenge, where a team of 50 colleagues took on Mont Ventoux by bike, a challenging mountain in Provence.

Health and happiness with teroGO

The “Team Luminus Loves Your Project” Challenge was an unquestionable success and received glowing feedback from employees and project leaders. We are grateful that our platform and services played a pivotal role in bringing Luminus’s vision to life, serving as a bridge between well-being, employee engagement, and social responsibility.

Our collaboration with Luminus is a prime example of how businesses can create a positive impact by focusing on the well-being and engagement of their employees. When a company takes the extra step to integrate social responsibility into its well-being initiatives, it demonstrates a commitment to a brighter future for both its employees and the communities it serves.

If you’re inspired by this case study and wish to make a positive impact within your company, don’t hesitate to book a demo, try teroGO for free oder reach out to us. We’re here to help you embark on a similar journey of employee well-being, engagement, and social responsibility. Together, we can create a better world—one step, one challenge, and one heartwarming gesture at a time.


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