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Improve employee engagement with teroGO

Create a unique corporate culture with a fun and innovative employee engagement event, designed to unite physical and remote teams.

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Create your own custom event

Community building

Engage and unite your employees, regardless of their locations.

Friendly competition

Boost fun and gamification for your employees to bond with each other.

Unlimited activities

Engage employees with a diverse set of inclusive activities.

Flexible format

Choose a fully virtual challenge, or opt for a hybrid solution instead.

Flexible duration

You choose your ideal timeline, from one day to three months.

Affordable pricing

Pricing starts at just $4 an employee.

Plug-and-play events

Boost employee engagement, effortlessly, with our pre-built calendar event templates.

Holistic wellbeing calendar


Ready to launch your event?

Our team is here to set up and manage your event with you.

Fun features designed to engage


Ignite your competitive spirit and achieve your goals with exciting challenges.


Track your progress, rise to the top, and enjoy friendly competition for glory on our leaderboard.


Build meaningful connections with your colleagues and share your journey on our vibrant feed.


Celebrate your milestones, big and small, with our rewarding achievement system.


Join like-minded individuals and build a strong community with our club’s feature.

Unlimited Activities

Enjoy endless opportunities to stay active, fit, and engaged.

We’re here for you


Create a strong & inclusive company culture


Engage employees to increase motivation & performance

Employer branding

Increase employee retention & attract top talent


Integrate your ESG and CSR strategies

group of friends taking a selfie while hiking
family taking a selfie at the beach
woman with bike in front of a lake
man taking a selfie in the park
couple taking a selfie in front of lake
woman taking a selfie in a pool
man taking a selfie with the sky as the background
group of women holding their bikes
woman doing yoga
group of atlasgo employees smiling
group of women taking a selfie in a hike
woman doing yoga on the beach
woman taking a selfie in the park
man doing yoga at home
three men riding a bike in a park
woman taking a selfie in the forest
two man taking a selfie in the mountains covered in snow
three man taking a selfie in a hike

teroGO’s impact

Gesündere Mitarbeitende



Aktivitäten fürs Wohlbefinden



Zufriedene Kunden



Gesammelt für wohltätige Zwecke




Bäume gepflanzt



Beispiele erfolgreicher Kampagnen

Euronav’s employees competed in 9 different teams to see who could complete the most impactful activities in support of the whales!

Belron brought together over 1,500 employees, families, friends, customers, and suppliers worldwide to swim, cycle, and run in the Spirit of Belron Challenge.

Sodexo engaged their employees around biking, running, walking, swimming, and other sports options. Upon completion of the activities, employees collected blue emoji hearts, each heart contributing to the overall challenge goal.

Together, Sisley’s employees logged 56,784 activities and shared over 3,464 photos with each other. Of the 4,500 Sisley employees worldwide, 70% participated in the challenge to plant trees with One Tree Planted.

More than 140 employees came together in 12 different teams to contribute to their 4-month challenge. They shared 632 photos with each other and logged 2,458 different activities.

Launch your employee engagement event today!

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Get your corporate challenge or employee wellbeing program live and empower your team’s wellness journey.