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Keep employees motivated during summer with a Sommer-Challenge

As the temperature rises and the days get longer, it can be a challenge to keep your employees focused and engaged. 

Research shows that workplace productivity can drop by a staggering 20% during summer, leaving many managers scratching their heads as to how to boost morale.

Corporate summer challenge

Motivate und engage employees all summer long

teroGO is offering a special themed challenge to help your team stay healthy, connected, and productive all through the summer months. With our virtual Summer Challenge, you can engage employees with a variety of activities.

Get active with activities like hiking, water skiing, swimming, and kayaking.

Build stronger connections by having a BBQ with friends or a family game night. 

Have some fun with a water balloon fight or by attending an outdoor concert.

Take time to unwind by reading a good book or journaling. 

Build a connected, engaged team

Employees will interact as a community as they track activities, share inspiring photos, exchange virtual high-fives, chat in clubs, compete on leaderboards, and more. 

Employee engagement and wellbeing work hand in hand to foster a high-performing work environment.

Social impact screen on atlasgo wellbeing platform

Why choose teroGO?

We have everything you need to attract, engage, and bring employees together.

Customer relationship management team

1. Quality service

We lighten your workload with our quality service and Customer Success Managers, who can even build the challenge for you. We understand the challenges faced by busy HR professionals, and offer our support to reduce your burden and meet your unique needs.


2. Unique community building

Our platform combines the elements of community and personal wellbeing to enhance Kampagnen im Bereich. Our community selfie feed allows colleagues to exchange virtual high fives and comments, fostering a supportive environment that promotes discipline and self-care.

Unique Community building
bridging the gap between wellbeing and impact

3. Bridge the gap between wellbeing & impact

To achieve a holistic state of personal wellbeing, we believe that our planet and communities need to be well, too. As a benefit corporation and certified B Corp, we can seamlessly help you integrate impact into your virtual Summer Challenge for a harmonious balance.

Meet an expert

Want to know more about starting an teroGO Virtual Summer Challenge?

Choose your time and date below to book your call with one of our experts:

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