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The employee wellbeing platform to make your people happy & healthy

Foster a positive and healthy work environment with our year-round gamified wellbeing program. Or, choose an impactful one-time challenge tailored specifically to your company’s objectives. Our employee wellbeing platform fits your needs.

atlasgo wellbeing platform

Über 550 organizations, are you next?

We’re here to make your job easier

atlasGO helps you introduce wellbeing at work without overloading you with additional tasks. Choose one area of interest or a combination of them, our options are 100% customizable.

Are you a nonprofit? Check atlasGO for nonprofits

Special events

Discover our plug-and-play challenges with unbeatable pricing!

Earth Month Challenge

Work together as a team to prioritize sustainability in the workplace

Join the global effort to protect our planet by launching your own Earth Month Challenge this April and inspiring your employees to take action.

Mental Health Awareness Month Challenge

Foster a workplace culture that values and promotes mental health.

Elevate mental health awareness this May and support employee wellbeing with our Mental Health Awareness Month Challenge.


Motivate and engage employees all summer long.

Maximize workplace productivity during the summer season by offering a fun and engaging virtual Summer Challenge to your employees!

Mobility Challenge

Engage employees to move against carbon this Mobility Week.

Join us in the fight against carbon emissions this September by taking part in our Mobility Challenge. Let’s move together towards a sustainable future!

Why choose atlasGO as your employee wellbeing platform?

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Quality service

We lighten your workload with our quality service and customer success managers, who can build full-scale programs for you! We understand the challenges faced by busy HR and CSR professionals, and offer our support to reduce your burden and meet your unique needs.

Community icon

Community building

Our platform combines the elements of community and personal wellbeing to enhance employee engagement. Our community selfie feed allows colleagues to exchange virtual high-fives and comments, fostering a supportive environment that promotes discipline and self-care.

CSR & ESG impact icon

Wellbeing & impact

To achieve a holistic state of personal wellbeing, we believe that our planet and communities need to be well, too. As a benefit corporation and certified B Corp, we seamlessly integrate impact, sustainability, and traditional wellness for a harmonious balance.

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