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Plug & Play challenge

Engage and inspire employees with a Mental Health Awareness Campaign

In honor of Mental Health Awareness Day and Mental Health Awareness Month, show employees you care about their mental wellbeing with an atlasGO challenge.

Encourage mental wellbeing in the workplace

Empower your employees to prioritize their mental wellbeing with a diverse range of engaging activities.

Get active with activities like yoga and pilates.

Build stronger connections through acts of kindness.

Take time to relax with guided meditations, journaling, podcasts, and deep breathing exercises.

Fuel the body and brain by cooking nutritious vegetarian dishes or healthy homemade meals.

68% of HR leaders are prioritizing employee mental health


76% of U.S. workers reported at least one symptom of a mental health condition, an increase of 17% in just two years.​

• An estimated 12 billion working days are lost every year to depression and anxiety, costing $1 trillion per year in lost productivity.

• Tense or stressed employees are 71% more likely to seek employment elsewhere in the next year.

87% of employees think actions from their employer would help their mental health.


Regulate your stress with Evoluno

Evoluno provides organizations with a comprehensive mental health program, based on an approach that combines the best of digital and human coaching. 

Equip your colleagues with the tools to conquer workplace stress and reach their personal aspirations with Evoluno‘s expert guidance. Their tailored approach will include stress reduction techniques, captivating branded audio content, and valuable mental health guidance.

Evoluno mental health platform

Feeling overwhelmed?

86% of Human Resource Executives say their stress has increased in the last year. Let us take this task off your plate.

Our team of experts will run the entire challenge for you. All you have to do is bring the hype!

Build a connected, mindful team

Employees will interact as a community as they track activities, share inspiring photos, exchange virtual high-fives, chat in clubs, compete on leaderboards, and more. 

Employee engagement and wellbeing work hand in hand to foster a high-performing work environment.

Social impact screen on atlasgo wellbeing platform

Why choose atlasGO verbindest?

We have everything you need to attract, engage, and bring employees together.

Plus, unbeatable pricing for this themed challenge:

$1,500 setup + $6/employee

Valid until 30 September 2023

Customer relationship management team

1. Quality service

We lighten your workload with our quality service and Customer Success Managers, who can even build the challenge for you. We understand the challenges faced by busy HR professionals, and offer our support to reduce your burden and meet your unique needs.


2. Unique community building

Our platform combines the elements of community and personal wellbeing to enhance employee engagement. Our community selfie feed allows colleagues to exchange virtual high fives and comments, fostering a supportive environment that promotes discipline and self-care.

Unique Community building
bridging the gap between wellbeing and impact

3. Bridge the gap between wellbeing & impact

To achieve a holistic state of personal wellbeing, we believe that our planet and communities need to be well, too. As a Benefit Corporation and certified B Corp, we can seamlessly help you integrate impact into your Mental Health Awareness Month Challenge for a harmonious balance. 

Meet an expert

Want to know more about starting an atlasGO Mental Health Awareness Month Challenge?

Choose your time and date below to book your call with one of our experts:

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