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Meet atlasGO Ambassadors: Christine O’Connell

Juli 10, 2018 |

Meet our Chief Ambassador Officer!


We are very excited to dedicate this blog to Christine O’Connell, one of our amazing San Francisco Ambassadors. Since she joined our community, Christine has been of such great help to atlasGO by leading several runs and bringing her amazing positive attitude everywhere she goes. She is an experienced runner and currently training for the SF half marathon! “3 half marathons (with 2 more scheduled for this year), numerous 12ks, 10ks, and even more 5ks!Find her on Instagram!

In an interview with her, Christine shared why she has been running and its importance in her life. She shares

“I ran Track in highschool (my speciality was the mile and 2-mile). Then in college, I ran for fun (but just casual distances). When I started my career after college, I realized that sitting in a chair all day and staring at a computer screen wasn’t going to be a great way to get exercise. I started to seriously pick up running again and have been running religiously ever since. I like running because I don’t need to have a gym membership – I can just go out and run. I also love running when I’m traveling because it’s a great way to take in the sites while also getting a workout in.”

As a true atlasGO Advocate, Christine is very connected to charities. She currently sits on the junior board of 2 non-profits. Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation and SF Up (young professional’s board of the SF Chamber). She also showed interest in charities like Girls on the Run and the Colon Cancer Coalition, as those are the ones that she personally has a bigger connection with.


It is truly inspiring for us to have Christine in our community as she is strongly dedicated to many amazing causes! Keep on running, Christine!


Discover more about our ambassadors over here! 


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