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Embracing Change: teroGO’s Journey Continues

Mai 11, 2023 |

teroGO’s new community building focus

teroGO was founded 7 years ago, driven by the vision to build a community of sweaty changemakers. Today, we announce one of the hardest decisions we’ve ever had to make.

Starting from May 18, we’re shifting our focus to providing our services to private communities. This means that we’re exclusively helping companies that want to implement wellbeing programs for their employees or nonprofit organizations looking to engage their community around fun teroGO challenges.

We believe this decision will allow us to fully concentrate on our core mission — helping organizations keep their people happy and healthy.

Like many startups, we’ve learned so much from our incredible clients and partners along the way. With the launch of our new application based on years of customer feedback, we now have the possibility to engage people year-round to make a lasting impact on their health and happiness.

We also offer featured challenges around important topics such as mindfulness, social impact, sustainability or sports. These challenges can either be run as one-off events or integrated into a customizable program. 

Continuing to make an impact with teroGO: Ways to use our community building platform

Even as we evolve, we’re committed to nurturing the spirit of our original community that inspired us from the beginning. In our new application, you’ll find multiple ways to continue using teroGO as a powerful tool for community building. This way, you can continue to create positive change for yourself and others. Here’s how:

Launch teroGO in your company: Launch an teroGO challenge or make wellbeing a priority all year round. We are happy to demonstrate our capabilities.

Bring teroGO into your nonprofit organization: Nonprofits work with teroGO to create a unique community experience and to promote their mission. 

Start your own little community on teroGO: Try our freemium version with up to 10 users for a group of friends, your sports club or your family!

Refer us to your network: If you have a sweet spot for our mission and team, your referral is appreciated. Check out our Empfehlungsprogramm hier. We make a donation of $250 to your chosen nonprofit or gift you a $250 voucher for sports gear if your referral leads to a partnership with teroGO.

A big thank you!

We are grateful for your support and the incredible impact we’ve achieved together over the years. It’s been an incredible journey, and we’re thrilled to keep moving forward together.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions or thoughts you may have. We’re looking forward to starting a conversation and exploring new opportunities together.

All the best from your teroGO team!

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