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Add atlasGO to any Webex meeting to encourage team bonding and employee wellbeing!


atlasGO verbindest integrates with Webex to help you prioritize your wellbeing before, during, or after your meeting. Encourage a healthier and happier life in 5 – 20 minutes. Get inspired to take a yoga class, a meditation session, or a short breathing exercise. Let’s GO together!

webex app showing the atlasGO integration

Bring your remote and hybrid employees together & reduce video fatigue 

The atlasGO x Webex integration gives remote and hybrid employees the space to practice wellness as a team, allowing them to bond as they all share a common experience together.

atlasgo cofounder doing yoga

Los geht's

1. Get the atlasGO app from Webex App Hub

2. During the Webex meeting, open the atlasGO application from the +Apps section

3. Select the wellbeing video you want to share

4. Select “Open for all” to share the video with your team

5. Enjoy it together!

Practice along with the experts 

WellnessGO offers employees a comprehensive and holistic way to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Each video is created by an expert in the field, giving those watching the chance to learn valuable tips and tricks from some of the best.

We have 100+ hours of unique content. Choose from guided meditations, yoga classes, fitness tutorials, breathing exercises, affirmations, stretching lessons, and more!

wellnessGO platform announcement video

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need a Webex account to use this integration?

To get started, simply create a paid or free Webex account.

How to use the atlasGO app from my Webex meeting?

Here’s an easy step-by-step:

1. Get the atlasGO app from the Webex App Hub

2. Start a Webex meeting

3. Open the atlasGO app from the +Apps section

4. Click on “Open Together”

5. Select the wellness video you want to share

6. Enjoy it together!

Do I need to pay for the atlasGO app from my Webex app hub?

You do not need to pay to have access to the atlasGO app from your Webex App Hub.

Do I need an atlasGO account to access the wellness content from my Webex meeting?

You don’t need an atlasGO account to use this integration. All you need is a Webex account paid or free.  

What if I want to have access to other atlasGO features?

To fully enjoy the features offered by our app, we invite you to consult our prices and our different subscription options.

 We have so much more to offer you! Our holistic wellbeing platform is used by hundreds of organizations around the world. 

What's the source of your graphs?

95% of employees have reported experiencing symptoms of video meeting fatigue.

37% of employees reported feeling neck and shoulder strain at the end of a day filled with video meetings.

The number of people who work from home has increased by 140% since 2005.

98% of all meetings are now expected to include at least one remote participant.

74% of U.S. companies are using or planning to implement a permanent hybrid work model.

Interested in a holistic well-being platform for your employees?

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