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Are you a nonprofit organization looking to engage your corporate donors in a new and innovative way? It’s a win-win partnership – Your corporate donors are supporting their employees’ well-being while making an impact at the same time.

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group of friends holding their bikes up in the air
view of mountains
Woman doing yoga at home
running woman smiling community tree challenge
sweaty selfie with dad on bike with kid
XLG Employees Golf
Swiss Re Foundation Cooking
Move4Hunger Running with Group
Sweco Employee Engagement Person Ready to Swim
Move4Hunger Gardening
Nicolaidis YoungWings Stiftung Charity Challenge Two Men Giving Thumbs Up in a Park
Move4Hunger Horse Ranch
Swiss Re Foundation Green Landscape with Mountains in the Background
Move4Hunger Kayaking
family of six walking on a park in Spirit of Belron Challenge

Read how atlasGO partners have increased well-being & engagement in their organizations!


Well-being & engagement combined with CSR

"At Securex, it’s always a pleasure to have atlasGO by our side to strengthen the well-being & engagement of our employees while supporting a good cause."


CSR Expert


Employees engaged to fight climate change

"atlasGO was the perfect partner for our Earth Month fitness challenge at MetaLab! The platform brought our team together to share their progress and cheer each other on along the way. The platform kept our team so motivated that we flew right past our initial goal of planting 6,000 trees in the first two weeks!"


People & Culture Manager

D'Ieteren logo

Engagement and sports united for a cause all year long

"Using the atlasGO app has become a must at D'Ieteren. Combined with sports events, it creates a real community that moves for others. A community that mixes all statuses, all sporting levels, in a friendly and committed spirit. Everyone gets together for the same goal. It creates links between colleagues and exchanges around sports experiences. When the challenge is over, we are already thinking about the next one. At D'Ieteren, this is now part of our habits and we are not ready to stop."


Head of Communication & CSR

Gatien Laloux

Caring for others is a priority

"atlasGO hat uns geholfen täglich an Andere zu denken, indem wir eins mit unserem Team wurden. Es war magisch! Danke atlasGO!"

Gatien Laloux


Alicia Montoya

Gamification features that unite teams

„Jede Kampagne von atlasGO schafft etwas, was kein Fitness-Tracker, persönliche Motivation, sozialer Druck oder wissenschaftliche Erkenntnisse über die Vorteile von Sport schaffen. Der übergeordnete Zweck- und die Gamification-Funktionen von atlasGO helfen mir dabei, mich zu überwinden und mich zu motivieren, rauszugehen und ein paar Dollar für Leute zu verdienen, die es twirklich brauchen.

Alicia Montoya

Head of Research Commercialization

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