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5 years later…1 Million Kms for a cause!

Mai 23, 2019 |

Some stats

Kms tracked since March 2017: 1.400.000

Amount of euros collected by our Sweaty Changemakers: 750.000

The number of Corporate Partners: 36 (Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Salesforce, SwissRe, D’Ieteren Auto, Lhoist, La Mutualite Chretienne, Carrefour, Euronav, Degroof, AG Assurance, etc.)

Number of Nonprofits: 58 (Breast International Group, Back on My Feet, En avant les Enfants, Kivu International School, Oxfam, Sport2Be, etc.)

Partners: Epic Foundation, Garmin, 4 Wings Foundation, etc.

atlasGO verbindest

Our mission at atlasGO is to develop a community where engaged runners, non-profits, and corporations join forces to create positive awareness around social & environmental issues and to accelerate impactful change.

atlasGO is a San Francisco-based tech startup founded by a Belgian (Thomas Querton), which allows its users to convert their everyday workout into philanthropic donations. We create virtual community engagement, increase funding for your nonprofit partners and engage the employees of our corporate partners.

You can find our products here:

My story

5 years ago, I ran the 20Km of Brussels for the first time. I had never run a race before. I was very unprepared. I was determined to get to the finish line to get my banana & medal because I was supporting a non-profit.

Inspired by the runners, Inspired by the 200+ non-profits, I started atlasGO. A global community of sweaty changemakers. Our users have converted more than 1 million KMs for causes around the globe. With atlasGO, you can convert your everyday run, walk, bike, dance, yoga,… any sports activity for a cause! GO check it out! It’s free to use.

We help nonprofits raise money and awareness for their mission and help corporations engage their employees too!

Last week I ran the 20Km of Brussels for the 5th time in a row. As always, I was pushed forward by the 40 thousand runners and thousands of supporters along the way!


Thomas Querton
CEO & Co-Founder, atlasGO

Connect on Linkedin | | San Francisco


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