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Support the physical & mental well-being of your employees with a wellness challenge

Show your employees you care about their holistic well-being. Build a challenge to engage your team, encourage healthy habits, and promote team building. 

atlasgo employees ready to go on a run
atlasgo app sharing virtual high five

Mobile app for activity tracking and engagement

Employees build community as they track activities, celebrate their impact by sharing sweaty selfies, give each other virtual high-fives, chat in teams, compete on a leaderboard, and more!

Gamified activities

Build a challenge focused on fitness, mindfulness, or both with 350+ diverse activities to choose from. Go for a one-month event, or engage your employees all year long.

more than 350 activities available in atlasgo app
Our Customer Success Management Team!

Dedicated Customer Success Manager

Throughout the process, your dedicated Customer Success Manager will guide you every step of the way and adapt as needed to make sure your challenge is a success!

Client Admin Panel 

Add or modify activities, download reports, send messages to the team, and more. Share the impact of your challenge with emails and in-app communication.

atlasgo client admin tool for reports
video on computer of atlasgo teacher doing yoga


Holistic video platform WellnessGO takes your challenge one step further. Experts guide employees on their well-being journey with a variety of short and long wellness videos.

Ready to book a demo? If not, keep scrolling…

SIGA employee’s came together and logged 5,246 wellness activities!

“Our main idea was to allow all employees around the world to participate in this year’s sports challenge. To promote a healthy lifestyle, to build a global community, and make a positive impact!” said Adrian Sommer, Head Of Sales Operations at SIGA.

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Trusted by organizations big and small

Make well-being a team priority in your organization

Wellness challenges are a great way to keep your employees engaged and connected while motivating them to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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Team building

Bring employees together around a common goal. They will build better connections with each other, enhancing communication and productivity.

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Encouraging healthy habits is a powerful way to show your team you care. Change the daily habits of your employees for the better.

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Engaging your team is simple with the right tools. Our platform provides an all-in-one solution for employee engagement and wellness.

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With connected, healthy, engaged employees comes increased retention. Get started today!

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