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FAQ from our Corporate Partners

What kind of engagement rates do you get?

We’ve had as high as 85% engagement in companies! For companies with more than 3,000 employees, the engagement is around 25% and for more than 10,000, it tends to be around 15%.

How long do challenges last?

It’s up to you! For a first-time employee engagement challenge, we recommend 2-4 weeks to ensure engagement is high and then our clients move into quarterly, monthly & yearly challenges.

How does the app track? Do you integrate with wearables?

The atlasGO mobile app has GPS tracking and there’s also a manual option for people to enter their information if they prefer.

It also integrates fully with these below:

– Strava

– Fitbit

– Garmin

How does your corporate challenge work?

As a company, you choose the goal for your employees: unlocking funds, tracking volunteer hours, tracking mobility, the choice is yours!

If you’re looking to tie this with a cause, these challenges allow employees to unlock corporate-sponsored funds for nonprofits by tracking and sharing their activities on atlasGO. This is a great way to engage corporate sponsors. 

Most of our campaigns are unlocking miles for a cause but if well-being is your primary goal, you don’t have to have the donation as a part of it. In that case, you choose the measurement of your challenge: distance, time, etc…

Your employees get a secret link to access the challenge so they do have to download the atlasGO app but they won’t be on the community version of the app.

What activities can I choose from?

We have over 100 activities to choose from. Here are some of those:

Walking, running, biking, yoga, meditation, gym workout, steps, zumba, swimming, soccer, tennis, snowboarding/skiing, golf, wheelchair, boxing, badminton, martial arts, aqua gym, paddle boarding, climbing, kayaking, surfing, volunteering, cooking, baking, puzzle, pick up trash, reading a book, language, DIY,… 

How much does it cost to create an Employee Engagement with you?

atlasGO’s service fee depends on company size ($500 – $5,000) + monthly user fees.

Contact us for more information here.

Can I add a medal for my participants?

Yes! Remember to ask us for more details when you reach out! Orders start out at minimum of 100 medals. We help design, manufacture and ship the medals to participants.

Can I try out the atlasGO application or see an example of an employee challenge?

Yes, of course! Feel free to try atlasGO and give it a try. You can join one of our free challenges to experience the most important features of the application. Please consider that these challenges do not show you the whole set of options you will have for your virtual race! You can also join our demo challenge here.

Start your own employee challenge today!

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