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Five Ways in Which Work Environment Affects Employee Productivity

December 21, 2021 |

In most cases, employee productivity is synonymous with their engagement. If the staff members engage actively, they are more likely to offer their best capabilities to a company. For substantiating this, you can find research evidence that has revealed an exciting relationship between these two things. This research has indicated that 40% of the workers that are engaged will prove to be highly productive. HR managers need to ensure that they are providing their employees with an engaging work environment. Here are different ways in which your work environment affects employee productivity.

1. A positive work environment means positive changes

In the modern world, positivity is a luxury, and people are more inclined to be affected by negative thoughts. So, HR managers and employers have to foster a positive work culture at the workplace. It will work wonders for enhancing individual productivity. Positivity comes in different realms and virtues, adding up to the creation of top company culture. You will benefit from gratitude, empathy, team building, employee wellness, and cordial workplace interactions. A positive work environment must not make a difference between genders, and it should ensure safety for everyone. In this kind of workplace, people will not have concerns other than the achievement of company goals and work quality.

A positive work environment means positive changes

2. A positive work environment will reduce absenteeism

Absenteeism by the employees is a considerable hurdle in the productivity of individuals and their teams. It is a fact that employees must get leaves for genuine reasons, and the company, in this case, must not present any objections. But it might also be okay to object if the employee is staying absent frequently and it is affecting the work environment. There are some other reasons for absenteeism, such as disengagement, workplace harassment, anxieties, personal reasons, sickness, and burnouts. The HR managers need to identify the stressors among the employees and extend their support to the staff.

A positive work environment will reduce absenteeism

3. Having coworking spaces

 Coworking spaces promote collaboration, community, sustainability, and learning. This helps the employees in remaining engaged and motivated. Coworking spaces are especially useful for extroverted members of staff that like to work in a collaborative environment while working on complicated projects and at the same time have quiet times where they can concentrate on work. Depending on where your business is located, coworking spaces are getting quite popular. An example would be the ideal conditions of coworking spaces in New York which make them stand out in terms of quality and comfort. Coworking spaces offer a stimulating environment that is vibrantly designed and is buzzing with activity and energy.

Having coworking spaces

4. A favorable work environment encourages innovation and creativity

Employees’ productivity is a dynamic term, and you can always take it to another level if the employees have an innovative and creative vision. Their creative insight will make a huge impact on the overall success of the company. You need to think out of the box to survive the competitiveness of the modern era. However, it is tough to inspire innovation if the employees cannot express their opinions. If they do not feel they belong in the workplace and feel as if their ideas are futile, they may lose the desire to work.

A favorable work environment encourages innovation and creativity

5. Have a work environment that encourages learning to facilitate continuous development

If you can have a work environment where the feedback is shared properly, and leaders are supporting learning, it is perfect for productivity. This type of work environment provides endless opportunities to the employees as it identifies their shortcomings and the areas where improvement is required. Depending on the constructive feedback from the superiors, these employees can streamline professional development. Every day will offer opportunities to learn new things and augment productivity further.

Have a work environment that encourages learning to facilitate continuous development


As explained above, having a proper work environment affects employee productivity in many ways. Employees will feel empowered to raise the bar as far as their performance is concerned if they are supported, appreciated, happy, and safe. Apart from this, the physical environment in a workplace depends on how the employers and managers define work conditions. It also depends on independent behavior and contributes to formulating an organization’s work culture. As long as employers recognize the need to invest in employees for a great work environment, motivation and productivity will be high.

Written by Josh Levinne.

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