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How to Create an Employee Wellness Challenge

April 27, 2021 |

Are you wondering how to create an employee wellness challenge? Not sure what on earth an employee wellness challenge is? You’ve come to the right place. 

Wellness programs have proven to increase productivity in the workplace. Rather than limiting wellness enhancement programs within the company, engaging in such challenges beyond the office walls will bring a much-needed boost to employee morale. 

Let’s address the benefits of corporate wellness programs in the company and how to create a challenge that benefits your team members both physically and mentally.  

Why Choose teroGO?

In the past 4 years, teroGO has worked with over 250 partners worldwide and raised $4.5M+ for charities. teroGO is so unique for two main reasons:  the internalization of their dashboards and the flexibility of their product to adapt to each partner’s specific needs and desires.    

Their virtual wellness challenges allow you to have a dashboard that is 100% customizable to fit your company’s message with different color options and the ability to incorporate images and videos. If your employees are located in different parts of the world, you can have your own dashboard in any language you need. This will also be the case with their mobile app; each user can individually select their preferred language. 

5 million raised for nonprofits

They offer more than 100 activities to choose from. They can be fitness-focused with options such as biking, running, or hiking, but they also provide time-based opportunities such as cooking. For your wellness challenge, we encourage you to include both types of activities to give each of your employees something they like and increase engagement. 

Where do you track your challenge? Everything happens on the teroGO mobile app! Your employees can share virtual high-fives and sweaty selfies to encourage each other. There’s also a chat function and leaderboards to track and gamify each participant’s progress. Their employee wellness challenges are excellent for team building, motivation, and engagement. You can also join their free community challenge to see how everything works before making a formal commitment. 

atlasGO app dashboard

The Potential of an Employee Wellness Challenge

The Euronav on the Move is an excellent example of a team-building wellness challenge focused on ocean cleanup. A total of 110 Euronav employees worked together to raise money to clean up the ocean. Participants logged 9,427 workouts and activities on the app that contributed to 26,367 euros raised over a 6-month period.  

atlasgo challenge dashboard

During the challenge, all participants received and shared tips and tricks on how to reduce their carbon footprint through the chat function. Individuals sought to encourage each other by sharing over 9,064 virtual high-fives, 240 comments, and over 1,000 sweaty selfies.  

The result of this particular employee challenge was a promising one, with over 50% of all members reporting an improvement in awareness in self-wellness, and over 80% reported an increased rate in physical and mindful activity participation. 

Euronav on the Move

How to Get Started 

teroGO will provide you with a dedicated project manager that will support you every step of the way to offer guidance to hit your goals. Their team is also happy to assist you with any personal customizations you have in mind to increase engagement in your challenge. One-month or six-month campaign, weekly activities that count double, rewards for the best sweaty selfies? Everything is possible.

The initial steps are simple. Reach out to teroGO and request a free demo and input relevant information for our team to help you get started.

Benefits of Employee Wellness

1.   Reduced Costs

One significant benefit to employee wellness is the reduced healthcare costs. Saving on unnecessary expenditures will improve the bottom line. Whether companies choose to implement longer breaks or include a nap corner in the office, employees who feel that their well-being is essential to management will require less medical expenses.

When you take a staff member’s physical and mental health into consideration, the results reflect fewer trips to the doctor. 

how to create an employee wellness challenge - employee morale

2.   Boosted Productivity

When productivity increases, it also means more money is saved for the company. A healthy employee optimizes performance, while a tired and fatigued team member will suffer from a lack of focus and motivation. The key to surefire success is by adopting healthy habits such as opting for a cleaner diet, a better sleep schedule, and regular exercise – all of which can be carried out easily through wellness challenges. 

man sitting in front of computer with ice coffee

3.   Decreased Absenteeism and Turnover Rate 

An employee that is not overworked or exhausted is less likely to take time off for doctor’s appointments or personal days, therefore improving absenteeism. 

When an employee is absent, the company needs to spend more money on temporary replacements or put more stress on other team members to pick up the slack—placing unnecessary strain on other employees will more likely cause a perpetual cycle of overwork.

When a staff member feels taken care of, it will raise employee retention rates and reduce turnover.

blonde woman with glasses smiling in an office

4. Heightened Employee Morale and Happiness

When you participate in an employee wellness challenge with us, you will see happier employees and increased morale. Not only will performance improve, but communication, bonds, and the overall worksite culture will as well.  

During these employee wellness challenges, team members need to communicate with each other, bolstering their relationship and helping them work better together as a team. Each individual will start to feel valued and appreciated as the challenge goes on.

happy employees in the workplace

5.   Improved Company Reputation

With improved morale and increased employee retention, word will spread that you are a company that cherishes its staff members. Knowing how to create an employee wellness challenge and then executing it properly with the help of teroGO will boost your company’s reputation as a whole because of the positive PR. 

employee engagement cover


If you are wondering how to create an employee wellness challenge, you came to the right place. teroGO offers an excellent alternative to workplace wellness programs such as morning exercise routines and nutritional wellness plans. Through the virtual engagement platform, employees can communicate and accomplish a shared goal to boost morale and productivity by participating in an activity of their choice. 

Written by Jess Lin.

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