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B-Move for The Red Cross of Auderghem

August 26, 2020 |

Recently, Befimmo, a Belgian-based Real Estate Investment Trust, completed an employee engagement challenge to surprise the Red Cross of Auderghem with 7,000 euros! Their employees were able to stay fit and stay connected with each other by working towards a special cause.

To learn about their experience more in-depth, we asked them a few questions. Through this case study, we were shown that this challenge was both a success and a blast!

What is Befimmo? 

Befimmo, a Belgian Real-Estate Investment Trust (SIR-GVV), is an investor and real-estate operator specializing in a quality workspace. These Befimmo Environments are located in Brussels, in the main Belgian towns and cities, and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

With its subsidiary, Silversquare, Befimmo aims to develop a Belux network of interconnected and flexible work environments.

As a human, corporate citizen, and responsible company, Befimmo offers its users inspiring work environments and related services in sustainable buildings in terms of architecture, location, and respect for the environment.

Its portfolio is worth some €2.8 billion and comprises around a hundred office buildings with space totaling over 900,000 m².

Sustainable buildings and inspiring work environments incorporating a broad, coherent range of services help make Befimmo a key player in quality working environments.

Befimmo logo

What challenges have you done with teroGO?

Since 2018, we are moving for charity thanks to the teroGO application. While running, walking, or cycling, we raised money for various good causes. Each year, the Befimmo team chooses a good cause they want to support through a proposition and voting system.

In 2020, moving became more important than ever. Befimmo raised its goal and diversified its moving methods. Next to running, walking, and cycling, we added extra initiatives to keep moving like an indoor workout, yoga, gardening, and helping someone else. It is clear that, next to the importance of moving, social aspects remain very important as well.

Why did you choose to raise funds for the Red Cross of Auderghem? 

This year, we decided to move for a cause we support for 10 years now, the Red Cross of Auderghem. To replace the annual sticker sale that could not occur due to the health crisis, we did our bit differently.

The commitment of our colleagues was great. In 6 weeks we raised no less than 7,000 euros, the result of a collective effort from a distance. We kept the surprise for the Red Cross of Auderghem up until the end, creating an even more positive feeling!

The Red Cross of Auderghem is extremely thankful for this action and will use the money to help out families in need all over Auderghem (Brussels).

teroGO is really a win-win situation for our team: we kept our staff members moving while raising money for charity!

running gardening and yoga

Why work with teroGO?

teroGO is well-known within our team, as it is the third year in a row we use this application. It’s easy to install and to use. More than half of our team members participated in all challenges we organized up until now. In case of problems, teroGO has a quick reaction time to solve any issues.

What is your favorite feature of teroGO? 

Especially when people can’t physically be together, the homepage providing selfies and giving the opportunity to comment on selfies of others becomes more important than ever. It makes you feel connected to your colleagues.

Furthermore, the ranking helps the more competitive staff members to challenge each other, trying to be the best.

Finally, the way teroGO adapted to the health crisis is genius. Adding more features to the application allowed people who don’t run or cycle to raise their own part for charity.

Befimmo sweaty selfies

What was the reaction of your community to the teroGO challenge?

We had quite a few positive reactions regarding this challenge. It’s really the simplest and healthiest way to raise funds for a good cause, a genuine win-win situation.  Thank you for helping us to create a community of sweaty changemakers teroGO team!

group of people jumping at a sunset


Here are some amazing quotes from our race participants!

“On foot to the Sunday market to get fresh fruit and vegetables, and collect some kilometers.”

“Befimmo picks out a good cause for this challenge every year. This year, we wanted to raise funds for our partner, the Red Cross of Auderghem. They are going through a difficult time due to the health crisis. It just made so much sense to start the challenge during the crisis, asking our staff members to keep moving and simultaneously help out an organization in need. It’s such a perfect combination!”

“Anyway, to stay in shape both mentally and physically, it’s better to keep moving, spoil yourself and act jointly. And if any time we do one of these activities, it helps out a solidary organization, everyone wins :-)”

Social Committee of Befimmo

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