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VirtualRace.Org – Expand Your Reach

April 28, 2020 |

Our new website will serve as a “storefront” to help event organizers, non-profits, and participants looking for their next virtual race to organize or support.

Join our online roster of other races that are going to take place, such as the YWCA Race to End Racism, where everyone who completes the race can enter a raffle as well, The Healthy Bay Challenge that supports multiple methods of exercise, and the Family Lives On a race that can earn you a $200 gift card!

You will be able to decide on the cause you are raising awareness for and the one you would like to join. Whether you are an organizer or looking to participate in your next sweaty changemaker activity, this virtual platform gives you access to races and ideas on organizing your next charity event.

Types of Races

Here at, we offer two types of virtual races:

1) Add a virtual element to your existing physical race 

2) Choose to participate in or organize one that is 100% virtual

A part virtual and part physical race allow organizers to reach potential participants worldwide, therefore expanding your audience and reaching your goal in a shorter time. This gives you a wider reach than you would have with just a physical event.

If you choose to participate or organize a 100% virtual race, there will be no physical aspects involved. Everything will be tracked and monitored online via our teroGO app for you to get a snapshot of the progress made. This is a great way to raise awareness and funds or get your body moving during the sedentary lockdown.


Benefits of the Races

As an organizer, a 100% virtual race will provide unsurpassed convenience plus lower costs. You won’t be facing operational costs and will be minimizing the almost inevitable headaches of acquiring permits, among other things.

You can handle and monitor everything from our website and straight from the teroGO app.

Adding a virtual aspect to a physical race will expand your reach to more people without the high costs accompanying other marketing strategies. It also gives people the option of participating in a worthy cause that may not be accessible otherwise.

ball of the planet in a hand

Along with our fellow organizers, non-profits, and of course, our valued participants, we have raised over $1,000,000 USD for charities and counting!

With more than 60 events organized taking place in more than 20 countries, teroGO has documented more than 50,000 sweaty selfies of happy milestones from all our participants. 

Give each other high-fives, a much-needed boost of confidence we all need in these trying times.

You can join any race anywhere in the world, no matter where you are. There isn’t even a set time to contribute your efforts as the schedule is flexible. You just need to complete the activity within the set window of time.

The ticket proceeds will go towards supporting a non-profit organization, and you get really cool prizes such as medals and t-shirts in return!

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How to Get Started

For Participants: As mentioned, will operate as a virtual storefront for those looking for a new cause. Whether you are looking to take part in a biking or running event or indoor activities such as yoga and meditation, you can head over to our website to purchase your ticket!

You will be able to browse our online selection of ongoing races or ones that are set to start at a later date and easily register online.

Once you join the race, you will need to download our mobile-compatible teroGO app to keep track of your progress. Feel free to upload sweaty selfies to keep others (and yourself) motivated. Keep your eye on the prize, and don’t forget to hand out high-gives liberally to encourage your fellow participants.

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For Organizers: You can reach out to our team at any time. Just send an email over to if you have any questions. However, the platform is pretty straightforward. 

You have the option of creating your own race, decide on what non-profit or charity you would like to endorse, and pick the activity. Allocate the dates and time, and then you’re all set to go.

You will be able to keep costs down and remain engaged with people worldwide that share your passion for the cause.

virtual race powered by atlasGO

In the words of our CEO and co-founder, “We started to help non-profits reach donors anywhere in the world. These races allow non-profits and other event organizers to start a race very low and reach participants anywhere they want! It’s a great way to keep supporters engaged without the headaches that a physical event can bring!” – Thomas Querton

The purpose of is to lessen the hassle for organizers and also add convenience for potential participants. It’s a one-stop shop for people looking to join or establish a virtual race.

 Conclusion and teroGO’s primary purpose is to bring ease and convenience as well as a global reach to all those involved. Not only that, but in times when a global pandemic is running rampant and affecting the lives of billions, it’s nice to have some positivity and light being shared by people all around the world.

View the virtual high gives and sweaty selfies from you and your fellow changemakers as a show of solidarity, giving some much-needed hope and aspiration in such uncertain times.

Join or organize your next virtual race with teroGO by heading over to our website and get started today!

Written by Jess Lyn.

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