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Host a Virtual Challenge to Engage Your Donors

June 10, 2023 |

Engage Donors With a Virtual Challenge

Virtual challenges are trending. Every day more non-profits around the world are searching for the perfect virtual challenge platform to launch their own challenge as a way to bring their community together to engage with each other as they complete wellbeing activities.

How a Virtual Challenge Works

A virtual challenge offers non-profits an easy way to engage supporters from across the world since there is no physical event.

You can do a virtual challenge focused on topics like sustainability, social impact, fitness, and mindfulness. You choose!

Here’s how an atlasGO non-profit virtual challenge works:

1. Challenge 

Determine the goal of your challenge and choose the duration and timeline.

2. Register

Charge registration with an external payment processor or fundraising partner.

3. atlasGO app

With an unlock code, participants join your challenge from the atlasGO app.

4. Competition

Participants will complete the challenge on their own or within their teams.

blonde girl running in the park wearing a Garmin watch

Benefits to Participants

Wherever they want

Participants can complete their challenge activities in their hometown, on the beach, on a treadmill, in the woods, or wherever else they choose. This increases the accessibility for the challenge to everyone with an internet connection.

Whenever they want

Participants can run at the time that best suits them! Hate waking up early for a run? Awesome, they can run in the afternoon. Sunday is their favorite day to unwind? Perfect, they can get their mindful activities done when they choose!


Man of color running in a park with dog

Benefits for nonprofits

Limited operational costs

Organizing a physical event requires city permits, dozens of volunteers, and more! It’s a lot of work! Doing virtual challenges makes your life a lot easier. Focus on marketing and creating an amazing experience for your participants rather than fighting with city officials and paying for permits for everything.

Reach unlimited amount of people

The virtual world is not limited to space — you can reach thousands of people around the world. For example, create a “run around the world” challenge to engage thousands of supporters around your mission! By using a virtual challenge platform like atlasGO, your possibilities are endless.

Get more people involved with extra activities

Some people like to bike, swim, meditate, read, do yoga, or even ski! By offering several activities, you can increase the number of participants and also donations towards your cause.

girl with medal celebrating after a marathon on atlasGO's virtual race platform

Accessibility and flexibility

There is beauty in bringing people physically together. 45,000 people running a Marathon the same day in the same city is extraordinary. NYCBrussels, Mumbai, Boston, London. These races create a sense of belonging and community that is difficult to replicate in the virtual world. But, physical challenges are not accessible to everyone and don’t happen every day.

The virtual component is not replacing physical events but is simply offering another option. Virtual challenges are here to stay as they have proven how effective they can be. Adding a virtual component increases the accessibility and flexibility, and by choosing the best virtual challenge platform for your non-profit, you can expand your message even more.

man and woman hugging a tree in a forest

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