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How to Setup Your Own Virtual Race with teroGO

November 19, 2020 |

COVID-19 is a global catastrophe that has affected businesses and non-profits, big and small. Aside from the fundraising efforts that have significantly declined due to social distancing measures and safety precautions, many non-profits are losing their reach and exposure amid the pandemic.

The safety guidelines that are put in place by governments worldwide have limited the opportunities for regular physical events such as in-person races. With the second or maybe even third waves hitting some countries, it does not seem like things will soon normalize.

Setting up your own virtual race with teroGO is an excellent solution to keep your cause at the forefront of people’s minds. It can help spread awareness regardless of the restrictions in place. teroGO is currently the only platform that provides custom registration pages, an engaging mobile app for activity tracking, and peer-to-peer fundraising all in one for your virtual race!

What is a Virtual Race, and How Does it Work?

A virtual race is similar to an in-person one. The difference is that a virtual race can be conducted anywhere, anytime, with our mobile app’s accompaniment. Going virtual keeps the engagement going and can even grow your non-profit community globally.

You will be able to promote your cause while adhering to social distancing rules and other safety measures implemented in your country. You can choose to include sponsors, who will also gain visibility and exposure through your virtual event.

To get started, you can request a demo through our platform to get a feel of what teroGO is all about. To get a virtual race started, feel free to reach out to our sales team that is always ready to support you. 

Once you are ready to create your virtual race, you can get your community to sign up and spread the word!

a screenshot of all the activities you can do in a virtual race with atlasGO

Why GO with teroGO?

Check out in detail what a virtual race with teroGO looks like with our slideshow infographic!

a slide going into detail about what is a virtual race with atlasGO
what is a virtual race with atlasGO title slide
a slide going into detail about the registration page for a virtual race with atlasGO
a slide going into detail about the flexible for a virtual race with atlasGO
a slide going into detail about the peer-to-peer for a virtual race with atlasGO
a slide going into detail about the mobile app for a virtual race with atlasGO

What are teroGO’s Virtual Races?

teroGO offers flexible ticket options and many ways to fundraise, including direct donations, peer-to-peer fundraising, and other payment integrations!

Everything can be monitored with our mobile application. Your community will be able to join in and see their progress and all other participants on the leaderboard.

Everyone involved in the virtual race can dole out encouragement to each other in the forms of virtual high fives and sweaty selfies. Nothing promotes a sense of togetherness, quite like a group of eager and passionate people working towards a common goal.

a testimonial from a virtual race with atlasGO

A Custom Registration Page

Our custom registration pages allow you to select different types of ticketing options. For example, the price and amount are customizable but also, if you want to make them relate to a swag item or distance! The registration page is where you can give potential sponsors full exposure with included prizes and incentives. When we say a customizable registration page, we mean all of it! The customization encompasses the colors and type of content ranging from videos, images, and more!

An example of a virtual race that was recently completed by the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation. The Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation successfully integrated their choice of colors, images, prizes, and activities on their event page and raised over $100,000 during their virtual race! Customization allows non-profits to make each virtual race personal and tailored to reflect their image and message, making it easier for people to learn about their cause.

a screenshot of what a registration page

A Flexible Race Format

We also offer a flexible race format and ticket options for our non-profits. We believe the flexibility to choose what to engage in will give participants the ability to pursue their passions and decrease the pressure of participating in an activity they do not like. It will also encourage all those involved to try something new and develop a different skill for self-improvement.

There are also over 100+ activities to choose from for your challenge, including time-based and distance-based activities. To include everybody in the same leaderboard, no matter the type of activity, you can select your own “token.” Some non-profits choose hearts; others use cans or even trees. It’s up to the non-profit to select any emoji they want to use. So people can walk, run, do yoga, and more. Check out this great wellness example from The Center for Growing Talent here.

a screenshot of the ticketing options

Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

teroGO also recently introduced peer-to-peer fundraising for our virtual races. Peer-to-peer fundraising allows participants the freedom to collect extra donations from their friends, family, and co-workers to donate in their name! 

Your participants get their unique URL link to share so that their network can fundraise for their name. Once they do, they get to see their name go up on the fundraising leaderboard. It’s a great way to incentivize more funds!

Expand your community and share your nonprofit story beyond your community reach. Peer-to-peer is more than individual fundraising. It can get the community involved. Also, it is an alternative way to support a virtual race and expand outreach. 

a screen grab of the donation button

Engaging Mobile App

One of our virtual platform’s best aspects is a handy and user-friendly mobile app that can pair with Stravin, Fitbit, and Garmin fitness watches. The teroGO app allows participants to track progress and engage with others via sweaty selfies that can be posted on social media as well. teroGO aims to provide a platform where connecting, engaging, and supporting each other virtually is possible.

Other forms of encouragement are virtual high gives and an active chat function that allows everyone to interact. You can also find the leaderboard on our mobile app, displaying the participants closest to the goal. Participants can access the challenge through the app and their own team’s leaderboards.

Lastly, for virtual races, non-profits can include visibility and exposure for their sponsors just like any other physical race by including the sponsor’s logo on the app, on the registration page, in sweaty selfies, and every other aspect of the app. 

atlasGO app during a virtual race

The Benefits of a Virtual Race for Non-Profits

A virtual race comes with all the benefits of a physical one and more. You will still be able to raise funds for your cause without going through the arduous planning required with an in-person race. The pandemic won’t put a dent in your fundraising efforts as anyone and everyone can participate no matter their location.

What was previously a race limited to your locale is now something that can span the globe. A virtual race will broaden the reach of non-profits to touch the hearts of people all over the world. A broader reach will allow you to spread awareness and foster a sense of community like never before.

The participants will also benefit from a virtual format due to the flexibility to join anytime, anywhere. All those involved to share their progress via the teroGO app and engage with one another will also provide more exposure for sponsors, the cause, and the non-profit profile. Not to mention, the cost of operating a virtual race is significantly lower!

women hands holding coins with a note that says make change


A virtual solution is an excellent answer to the challenges posed by the pandemic. However, due to the many benefits they yield and the flexibility they give, many of our previous clients have decided to convert to virtual races permanently!

Whether you are a non-profit looking for a different avenue for fundraising or wanting more exposure, we will make sure no one will forget your cause. teroGO can provide an outlet for COVID frustrations with our virtual race platform!

Written by Jess Lin.

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