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Top 4 Workplace Wellbeing Trends Not To Miss in 2022

April 13, 2022 |

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. An important month when you consider that 51% of workers have reported that their mental health has deteriorated since the beginning of the pandemic. Despite the fact that companies are taking this more and more into account, the problem is still present and affects many workers. 

That’s why we wanted to shed some light on this topic and give you our top 4 solutions for workplace wellbeing in 2022. 

The current state of mental health in the workplace  

On the subject of mental health in the workplace, companies are constantly changing and evolving. Some businesses are already very up to date while others are just discovering the benefits of investing in their workforce over the long term. Here are some statistics every employer should know before trying to implement the right solutions👇🏼

•  1 employee out of 3 has experienced burnout over the past year (Lyra)

•  90% of employers are planning to invest more in mental health in 2022 than any year before (2022 Employee Wellness Trends

•  49 percent, however, had not formally articulated a well-being strategy for their workforce (Wellbeing Diagnostic Survey, 2021

man wearing a cardboard box with a sad face

How companies can support Mental Health 

In light of these statistics, here are the top 4 practices to implement if you want to successfully design a wellness strategy for your organization this year. 

1. Talk about mental health regularly to help break down misconceptions around it.

Talking and asking your employees about the subject is a first step in raising awareness. This will allow you to better understand their needs and expectations and thus be able to understand what would be best to implement in your company.

woman taking a breath in her kitchen

2. Allow flexibility 

With a growing trend toward returning to the office, companies will need to pay attention to the flexibility that employees used to have, such as working from home. In fact, 69% of employees said that flexible work policies are “very important” to them. Taking this into account when implementing solutions will be crucial. 

3. Actively encourage breaks from work (5-minute meditations, walking, power nap,…)

Encouraging your employees to take real breaks is essential. Motivate them to move, take care of themselves, spend time away from their screens, etc.  Show that you care by leading by example. 

group of people meditating in an office

4. Offer social activities to help team members connect (virtual, or in-person)

A study published in the journal Personality and Social Psychology Review indicates that people who feel more connected with their coworkers are healthier and happier and less likely to burn out. Investing in solutions that bring employees together, virtually or otherwise, is a key to improving mental health in the workplace. 

two woman having coffee at work

How teroGO can help my company? 

So how do you get started? At teroGO, we know the subject inside and out and can help you implement mental health practices in your company.

We have a corporate solution that combines wellness programs and team-building campaigns. 

We allow companies to organize virtual team buildings that promote sports and well-being. Through our app, your workforce can contribute to a common goal by recording their daily activities. As the app allows participants to post selfies of themself doing an activity, comment, high-five, and chat with others, this notion of bonding with colleagues is very present. 

It gives all employees the opportunity to motivate each other to move and take care of themselves. 

If you want to know more, you can learn about our business solutions here 👇🏼

woman running in park with dog

Final Thoughts 

Not addressing mental health issues in your business can lead to a host of other problems, including burnout and depression. If you haven’t started taking care of your employees yet, the ideas above will help do just that and act upon the mental health trends of the year 2022. 

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