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How to Engage Your Employees Around a Good Cause

April 27, 2021 |

Giving back and fulfilling your CSR, or Corporate Social Responsibility is a great way to motivate your employees and improve the bottom line. In a more socially aware society than ever before, it’s that much more important to give back.   

In fact, a study conducted in 2017 showed 87% of consumers prefer purchasing from companies that do their part for a worthy cause, and a staggering 76% claim they would take their patronage elsewhere with businesses that don’t. 

Let’s explore how to engage your employees around a good cause to enhance your company’s image, support a charity, keep your employees healthy and connected, and improve worker satisfaction. 

How to Engage Your Employees with CSR 

How do you go about engaging your employees? The first step is to determine the activities you want to engage your employees in. A good cause doesn’t have to be something world-changing, and starting locally can prove to be very effective as well. Small steps in the right direction lead to BIG results. Encourage your staff members to take part in volunteering efforts around the neighborhood.

We understand that employees deserve time off, so we suggest offering paid days when your team members can work together with their favorite charities and raise funds for causes close to their hearts. Incentivizing workers to volunteer for a cause for the greater good is an amazing way to increase engagement and morale in the workplace. 

how to engage your employees around a good cause

Depending on the industry you are in, companies can consider donating to or sponsoring an employee engagement event. You can give your staff the option to take a more active role and participate in the activity. Remember that donations aren’t only monetary, and they can come in the forms of expertise, time, and products. 

You can even think about creating your own employee engagement challenge instead of operating behind the scenes. teroGO offers plenty of activities that will support team member participation and allow your staff members to raise funds for a good cause and unite individuals globally. 

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What is an teroGO Employee Engagement Challenge?

An employee engagement challenge at teroGO is a chance for your workforce to interact and build relationships through an online platform. It also allows you to lend a helping hand to meaningful causes worldwide and add focus on the charity by raising awareness.  

From your team’s choice of activity, they can start taking steps towards a healthier lifestyle. Not to mention, these engagement events can also optimize CSR budgets. teroGO has an excellent team to support you every step of the way on your employee engagement challenge journey. 

Why “GO” with teroGO?

Why choose teroGO? Their virtual team-building platform transcends physical limitations and unites people no matter where they are physically located. Let your employees be a part of a community to foster relationships with coworkers outside of an office setting. 

teroGO offers clients a customizable dashboard you can personalize with your company logo, colors, and even flexibility to add images and videos of your choice. 

Extra features such as a progress bar, a leaderboard, live chat function, and the ability to share endless sweaty selfies, virtual high-fives (similar to “likes” on Instagram), and encouraging comments will also provide a memorable experience. 

atlasGO app and dashboard for virtual races and more

Additionally,  you can track all your progress via a mobile app that you can link to your Strava, Garmin, or Fitbit accounts. teroGO also provides communication support that allows you to email newsletters, updates, and pin relevant posts along the journey. 

At the end of the challenge, teroGO will provide data and analytics, the stats, and a report on the impact you and your employees have made. 

atlasGO app screens

How to Engage Your Employees with teroGO

 Start by choosing the non-profit or nonprofits you want to support with your challenge, select the activity choices, set an end goal and duration.

teroGO goes the extra mile for all their clients. They will assign a dedicated project manager to guide you through the entire process and assist you with any changes or customizations.  

employee engagement cover

Benefits of Employee Engagement for a Good Cause 

What sort of impact will participating in regular employee engagement challenges for a good cause provide your workforce?

1.  A Healthier Lifestyle

Partaking in distance-based events will decrease the chances of obesity, improve cardiovascular health, and prevent lethargy.

2. Decreased Absenteeism and Turnover Rate

Happier employees equal more satisfaction. Workers who feel valued are more eager to turn up for work. They want to remain at companies that truly value their well-being. Allowing them to participate in a challenge will stimulate their sense of growth and improvement and lead to a happier workplace.

3. More Productivity

Engaging with your employees increases innovation and motivation in the workplace. Cracking down on how team members allocate their time will have the opposite effect. Employees will feel stressed and oppressed, and morale will suffer. 

how to engage your employees around a good cause

4. Better Customer Experience

When your workforce is motivated and happy, it reflects in their work. They will be more eager to serve customers and fulfill customer satisfaction.

5. Enhanced Company CSR Profile and Reputation

Most of the population prefers to spend their money with a business that has a high CSR profile. Rallying your employees around a good cause will increase your company’s CSR commitment and boost its overall reputation. . Not to mention, you will be shining a light on charities and causes that may be relatively unknown while having an incredible impact on the world, which is more important now than ever before.

how to engage your employees around a good cause


An employee engagement challenge for a good cause isn’t a surefire success without significant effort.  The results will vary from a CSR challenge with consistent interaction and encouragement compared to one without these helpful pillars to success. As a team leader, you need to be involved throughout the entire process, and teroGO is here to assist you every step of the way.  

Written by Jess Lin. 

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