Coming Together for a Cause

In today’s world, the landscape of business development and even marketing as a process has changed drastically from where it began.


Analogous to the way in which the focus of many businesses has shifted from a bottom line to the triple bottom line, the way in which a brand markets itself goes far beyond the direct benefit of the product or service. And for a company like atlasGO, this couldn’t be closer to the truth.

Centered on the idea of bringing together a community where engaged runners, non-profits, and corporations join forces to create positive awareness around social and environmental issues and to accelerate impactful change, this idea of marketing a deeper message and mission is central to atlasGO.

But this idea of marketing to consumers by advocating a message of social or environmental good is not new and is commonly referred to as cause marketing. Utilized more than ever by businesses of all sizes, this marketing method functions as a way for a company or organization to push its promotional campaigns twofold: to improve its own bottom line while also addressing the other two, those of the betterment of society and the planet.

However, many companies, particularly large-scale, multinational corporations utilize this type of marketing in an effort to increase their profitability over that of promoting the social good or environmental issues they espouse. This shift in focus can lead to greenwashing and blurs the line between solely selling more product and working towards actionable change through that product or service.

Still, many startups and mission-driven companies have embraced the notion of the triple bottom line in a holistic way, and atlasGO is no exception. As a certified B Corp and a mission-driven company, the focus moves away from profit as the only motivating factor and promoting social good becomes integral to everything the company does. For atlasGO, this runs through the core operations of the company, that of engaging companies and individuals in fundracing through physical activities, to campaigns highlighting organizations pushing for issues of social and environmental betterment. These campaigns range from partnering with Garmin to supporting the efforts of the Kivu International School

The bottom line is that in today’s world where business can and should be a powerful force for good, there isn’t just one bottom line, and with companies like atlasGO pushing for a better world through marketing and brand recognition, we’re one step closer to bringing everyone together to fight for a worthy cause. 

Lindsey Pfeiffer
Content Marketing Intern, atlasGO
Connect on LinkedIn | atlasGO | San Francisco


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