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My new goal: the Super Half Marathon Series

janvier 13, 2020 |

Berlin Marathon


Every human being needs a stimulus to motivate themselves and achieve their goals. As an amateur runner, it is essential to take stock of the past year and set goals to achieve. 

If I look at 2019, I have run more than 1000 km (including training and competitions).

 I was very satisfied with my participation in the Berlin Marathon, which is one of the 6 Major Marathons. For me, it was a great goal that required a lot of training and sacrifice. I am proud of 2019 and am already looking forward to new adventures this 2020. 

Super Half Marathon Series


In order to keep motivation and have progression, I had to think about objectives to achieve. I found a great compromise with a race reunion that starts in 2020. I discovered the “Super Half Marathon Series“, a series of half-marathons that takes place in 5 different cities: Lisbon, Prague, Copenhagen, Cardiff, Valencia. These five races have already welcomed super runners who have broken world records. The routes are quite flat, which makes it possible to consider records from a personal point of view.

I chose this race meeting because it gave me the opportunity to discover beautiful cities in Europe. There is a cultural side which is very interesting: Seeing a new city, visiting its best places and taking pictures of them, eating local food and possibly talking with local residents. 

These series of races are a good compromise for me and I look forward to participating. I give myself two years to finish them even if I think I can do them in one year. The end of this series of races corresponds with obtaining a “super medal” and the possibility of having your name registered in the “Wall of Fame” of SuperHalfs. I am very excited about this new challenge and that the new year will come very soon. With good planning, I can anticipate and plan one or two marathons in addition to these series of races. My choices are Vienna Marathon (Austria) in April and I also entered the lottery for the Chicago Marathon. I hope with the chance to get a beep number for this race. 

 This is a quick reminder to run for a cause via the app teroGO! Why not exercise to benefit yourself and the community!

I wish you all a successful 2020 and to be able to do the sport you always love. Be proud of the year 2019 and do not look back with the objectives of the past but look to the objectives of tomorrow. 

Jonathan Bakuba

teroGO ambassador

man of color showing his medal in employee engagement


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