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atlasGO is joining the Tero family to develop its mission further!

janvier 18, 2024 |

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In a strategic move aimed at expanding its digital offerings, the Tero Group today announces the acquisition of a majority stake in atlasGO, a Belgian-Californian startup specializing in virtual employee engagement and well-being. This initiative marks a significant turning point for the group, which offers a comprehensive range of team-building activities both in person and online through the newly rebranded “teroGO” app.

The Tero Group, a recognized Belgian actor in the recreational, well-being, and events industry, has reached a milestone by acquiring a majority stake in the innovative startup atlasGO. Co-Founded in 2016 in San Francisco by Tommy Roch Querton, Magali Mathieu, Olivier Kaeser this startup has established itself as a leading app for employee engagement and workplace well-being.

Complementary team-building activities: in-person and digital, focusing on well-being, philanthropy, and environmental initiatives

The innovative concept of teroGO is built on three pillars: le sport et mental well-being, philanthropy, actions for the planet. All teroGO initiatives aim to strengthen team cohesion and contribute positively to society and the environment, all main strategic drivers in the decision for the Tero Group to integrate the startup.

Today, the teroGO app offers high-quality content as well as hundreds of well-being activities such as running, cycling, yoga, … and expands its offerings with cooking, gardening, and sustainability activities to ensure inclusivity. Most of their (300) clients choose to add impact gamification to their challenges, converting, for example, each kilometer covered into a planted tree or unlocking a donation to a non-profit organization when a common goal is achieved.

“The activities of the Tero Group and atlasGO are complementary, which is why we have been working together since 2021. The solution developed by atlasGO is a fantastic tool that addresses many challenges faced by companies today. These challenges have emerged with the rise of remote working and primarily concern employee engagement, retention, burnout, and the development of corporate culture. We address this need with teroGO, a hybrid tool, both online and in-person, that connects employees throughout their journey in the company.” – Nicolas Lhoist, CEO of the Tero Group


teroGO aims to reach a wider and more diverse audience. Since its inception, the app has impacted nearly 150,000 employees and raised 20 million euros, which has been distributed to several NGOs and associations worldwide.

“I came to San Francisco with a dream of creating a tool that would allow people to take care of themselves while doing good for others. It’s the perfect place to realize big dreams and develop quality technology to support them. Our product is unique in the market Tero Group operates in. We work with all kinds of companies. Some want to create excitement in multiple locations to build team cohesion, such as Sisley, Belron or Orange. Others are more focused on developing well-being and their CSR strategy with local challenges, such as Luminus, Belfius or D’Ieteren Auto, who have been working with us for 5 years. What impresses me most is seeing the connection that happens within a company between colleagues who discover each other, whether it’s a new employee learning meditation or a CEO sharing a selfie with a colleague during their lunchtime jog. With the Tero Group, we will be able to amplify our mission and impact.” – Tommy Roch Querton, Co-Founder of atlasGO


atlasGO and Tero share strong corporate values. atlasGO has been a certified B-Corp since it was founded. Tero is currently working towards this certification, which evaluates a company’s performance in terms of social and environmental impact. In the next two years, teroGO aims to triple its revenue while fostering human connection, promoting wellbeing and making a positive impact in this world.

About the Tero Group:

The Tero Group is active in four sectors: Tero Venues (lodges, event houses and sports clubs), Tero Teambuilding – teroGO, Tero Sport Events (including the Brussels Padel Open) and Food (Tero restaurants, catering and farms).

After the integration of the atlasGO team, the group now has 190 employees that share our values and ambitions!

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