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Introducing Clubs: Bringing employees together around healthy interests

mars 30, 2023 |

At teroGO, we believe that combining personal wellbeing and community is the key to unlocking higher levels of employee engagement. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce the launch of our exciting new feature: ClubsDesigned to foster stronger connections among colleagues, Clubs empower employees to bond over shared healthy interests, cultivate healthy habits, and provide mutual motivation throughout the year. 

Key features for maximum engagement

Engaging: With dedicated chat functionality and activity-based leaderboards, Clubs by teroGO offer employees a seamless way to pursue their passions and connect with colleagues who share their interests. 

Whether team members are aiming to improve their fitness, work on their mental health, or pursue another goal of their choice, Clubs provide a supportive environment where they can stay accountable, motivated, and connected. 

Flexible: Participants have the flexibility to create and join as many clubs as they desire. Plus, the challenge administrator can launch custom challenges for each Club, allowing for a highly personalized experience. 

For instance, a Cycling Club could participate in a dedicated challenge to determine who can cycle the farthest within 30 days. With this level of flexibility and customization, teroGO Clubs can accommodate virtually any interest or activity.

User-friendly: The challenge administrator can establish multiple clubs in advance and efficiently add participants directly into them, eliminating any unnecessary delay.

The teroGO platform includes an innovative unlock code system that enables participants to swiftly join the correct challenge or Club without the hassle of manual searching and joining. This approach streamlines the entire process, providing an effortless experience for participants to engage and participate.

wellbeing app showing a cycling club

Strengthen workplace relationships and engagement with Clubs

Clubs offer a dynamic and engaging platform for employees to foster strong connections with each other while also cultivating healthy and sustainable habits. By providing a designated space for individuals to come together around shared interests, passions, or goals, Clubs serve as an invaluable tool for enhancing employee engagement and promoting a positive workplace culture. 

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