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Convert your daily activities into trees with atlasGO

• Join yourself or create a team with friends or colleagues

• 25k+ people from all over the world

• 1.7M+ trees converted through sports

• Walk, run, bike, yoga, meditate,… there is an activity for everybody!

selfies and map for less cost and less work

Our reforestation partners

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Trees for the future logo
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We Forest logo
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planting trees with community challenges on atlasGO mobile app
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Sponsor our next Community Challenge!

• 100% of your donation GO to trees

• Bring visibility to your brand on the challenge dashboard, atlasGO mobile app, and social media

• 2,500+ participants guaranteed

• Branded sweaty selfies, newsletters, blogs, and in-app feed stories

• Your logo on 1,000+ pictures shared per month

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Why join as a sponsor?

1. 100% of your donation GO for the Trees

100% of your donation will GO towards a reforestation project. Select your donation amount and we will start a challenge around your brand for FREE. We don't take a cut.

2. Make an impact and tell your story

We partner with 4 great organizations that plant trees around the world. Support the tree project that fits your budget and impact goals. Together we will help you tell your impactful story.

3. Engage thousands around your brand

This is a unique visibility opportunity and meaningful engagement for your company, with more than 2,500 individuals participating on average in our tree challenges and 1000+ pictures shared per month.

4. Create teams for your customers and employees

In your community tree challenge, you can easily create teams for your customers to interact with one another and for your employees to engage in a deeper way. Teams have chats and leaderboards to keep the fun GOing!

5. Promote health and wellbeing

Activate dozens of different sports. From running, biking to meditating and yoga + everything in between! Associate your brand with a healthy lifestyle. Be healthy, Do good. GO together!

Fit for trees challenge dashboard
atlasgo app
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