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Our reforestation partners

1. One Tree Planted

Cost per tree - $1 / Where they plant - Americas, Africa, Asia & Australia

2. Jane Goodall Institute Belgium

Cost per tree - €10 (Belgium) & €0.5 (Africa) / Where they plant - Europe & Africa

3. Trees for the future

Cost per tree - $0.25 / Where they plant - Africa (Kenya, Uganda, Cameroun, Senegal, Tanzania & DRC)

4. Graine de vie

Cost per tree - €0.25 / Where they plant - Africa (mostly Madagascar)

5. WeForest

Cost per tree - €1 (Africa) / €3 (Brazil) / Where they plant - Africa, Brazil & India

One Tree Planted logo
Jane Goodall logo
Trees for the future logo
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Sponsor your tree challenge

1. Get your donation READY!

Select a donation amount. The bigger the donation, the bigger impact you make, and the more people you will reach with your campaign!

2. SET your project

Once we have a budget, we will work with Trees For the Future to define the project and the location that best fits your campaign.

3. Launch on atlasGO

We will build a tailored campaign together around the message that YOU want to share. Thousands of sweaty changemakers will join. Invite your employees. Invite your community. Let’s GO!

Fit for trees challenge dashboard
atlasgo app
people posing on top of a mountain after hike
mother and son biking
participant smiling for sweaty selfie using atlasGO's mobile app
girl hiking in the mountain
three woman jumping in the park with hands in the air
planting trees with community challenges on atlasGO mobile app
participant posing for a sweaty selfie using the atlasGO mobile app
family jumping with hands in the air
woman running sweaty selfie community tree challenge
fit man smiling in the park
girl with headphones in a park
running woman smiling community tree challenge

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