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Sweaty Selfies: Your “in the moment” Expressions

January 15, 2021 |

Anyone can take selfies. The definition of a selfie is a self-portrait taken with your own hand. It is easy to portray a perfect photo of oneself with filters and edited features, but what about the nitty-gritty and the more realistic depiction of everyday life? This is when the teroGO sweaty selfie comes in to encourage our community to share sweaty selfies after completing an activity.

What is a Sweaty Selfie?

Once you become a sweaty changemaker by participating in an teroGO challenge, you will automatically earn the title by contributing your efforts to a worthy cause. A sweaty selfie is a photo of you during your journey to completing your challenge’s goal. It is a real-time snapshot that captures the realness in every step taken or every minute contributed towards that goal. 

Those perfectly edited gym selfies we have become accustomed to on social media do not convey the amount of sweat, effort, and persistence that goes into each exercise. We want to show real people the natural process of working out and that sweat selfies are even more inspiring to others.

Let’s change the narrative together and redefine the standard of “beauty” by celebrating each photo’s realness. Our community of sweaty changemakers shares parts of their journey daily through daily sweaty selfies posted on the challenge feed.

two people sitting on a log in the forest looking at the Sweaty Selfies they just took

The Role of Sweaty Selfies in the teroGO Community

Why is the sweaty selfie so special? It’s because it breaks down barriers and walls that define beauty and what society deems as “pretty content” on social media. Our sweaty selfies garner hundreds of comments on our teroGO app filled with words of encouragement and motivation for each other. You do not just meet the faces of our awesome changemakers on these selfies, but you also get to see nature, animals, wildlife, and friends and family. You might catch them doing funny faces or striking different poses, but never less, one thing is consistent – happy people with bright smiles!

You can access the sweaty selfies from our mobile app, where you can give and receive comments and dole out virtual high fives as well. We see beautiful kindness, compassion, and care every day through this form of virtual engagement. It exhilarates us to see our sweaty changemaker community supporting each other and reaching out when the goal is challenging to reach. Sweaty selfies are also a great aspect for non-profits to gain more exposure. The sweaty selfies from your virtual race are shared by participants on the app feed or social media to bring a wider reach around your cause. 

Our top three challenges with the most shared sweaty selfie have been:

1. #GO4Trees Community Challenge with 7,257 selfies shared

2. Mliječna Staza 2020 Virtual Race with 5,991 selfies shared

3. #GO4Trees Planting Positivity Community Challenge with 4,082 selfies shared

collage of Sweaty Selfies from the atlasgo app
woman running to support Australia bushfires
woman hiker sticking tongue out
family of four in front of the coliseum in Rome
woman smiling selfie
group of women bikers smiling selfie
happy man in park running selfie
atlasGO team march for women in product selfie
smiling man with sun glasses wearing green in park selfie
person biking selfie
woman running sweaty selfie
People hiking on top of a mountain

Benefits of Sweaty Selfies

We have mentioned numerous advantages to the sweaty selfie, including positive reinforcement, breaking down the barriers of beauty, exposure on social media, and more. According to Daniel Goleman, a renowned science journalist, when we meet people with positivity and encouragement, it leads to better performance and health. This is the impact we are trying to make in the lives of all our participants and loved ones. teroGO is a passionate advocate of both mental and physical health, which is why we decided to create an outlet for our participants to reach out and support each other.

We want our participants to feel confident about themselves sans makeup, with dirt, grime, and sweat covering their faces because it shows their hard work towards a significant cause or goal.  Let us redefine the standard of pretty selfies lit perfectly, edited, and filtered with real and raw beauty that conveys our participants’ effort. We also aim to shine a spotlight on the hard work it takes to get to a goal.

mother and daughters taking a sweaty selfie


A picture really is worth a thousand words, and each one of our sweaty selfies tells a story of someone who puts in time and effort for the greater good and their health when they engage in an teroGO community challenge virtual race or employee engagement challenge. Sweaty selfies have become one of our app’s greatest features that connect all sweaty changemakers, promote a sense of community, and strengthens bonds. It is also one of our clients’ preferred features.

Written by Jess Lin.

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