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KALENJI running waistband from Decathlon

September 23, 2019 |

“I believe the Kalenji running waistband is a superior choice for any runner that needs to take numerous small items when on a workout of any distance.” – Joe Bondoc 


On August 22nd, we had an ambassador retreat at the teroGO house, and they surprised us with some running gear from Decathlon, a running headband, a running waistband, and running socks.

After a few weeks of use, I decided to give a product review for the Kalenji runner’s belt. I’ve had it for about three weeks now and have tested it on multiple short and long-distance runs. 

Product dimensions


The Kalenji running belt has more than ample room. For reference, I tested it with both an iPhone SE and a larger Google Pixel 3. The belt had enough space for both phones (individually, not together!). One could easily fit in other small items: keys, small wallets/cardholders, running fuel (for long-distance racers, this is particularly important), and more. Like many running belts, the pouch on this one stretches to accommodate slightly larger items. The one word of caution I’d give to anyone wearing this belt is to not overstuff it. Adding too many things will make the belt more likely to bounce around when in motion.




The belt pouch is water-resistant, which certainly helps for runners that perspire heavily during activities like mine. When I pulled items out after a particularly exhausting workout, I didn’t find the usual film of moisture or full-blown water soaking my phone and other items. I’d had to put my small electronics in plastic sandwich bags in previous running belts before putting them into a belt pouch, so this was a nice change. Also, the belt didn’t warp or get distorted when putting it through a standard washer/dryer after a couple of weeks of use. The construction is very hardy.

Comfortable and adjustable


The belt itself is comfortable to wear and easy to adjust. A frustration I’ve had with previous other running belts is that when you mess around with the tightness, they become impossibly loose/can’t be worn without tying several knots to keep the things on my waist. (Disclaimer: I could just be a bit slow and not know how basic physics in buckles works, haha) In any case, the Kalenji is easy to adjust and readjust as needed. The slightly bigger buckle is a nice touch, too.

My recommendation


The only change I would make for future versions of this belt would be to put a dedicated key hook in. I’ve had sharp-edged keys actually tear through pouches (in other belts) and fall out in the middle of runs before, so as the belt gets older, I’d caution runners when putting keys (or anything sharp) in. The constant motion could eventually cause sharper objects to tear a hole in the belt and fall out somewhere on a simple 4-mile run. 

Overall, this is an excellent product that runners of any distance can use if they basically want detachable pockets when on the go! I very highly recommend it.


Joe Bondoc

teroGO ambassador

PS. I just launched a challenge on the teroGO app to support Back on My Feet Baltimore. Help me achieve the goal!

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