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How to Keep Your Employees Engaged in the Age of COVID-19

March 24, 2020 |

In this trying time when we need to come together as a community and fellow citizens of this planet more so than ever, teroGO has a solution that can keep individuals motivated. 

Many countries are enforcing strict lockdowns, which leaves people at home with time on their hands, wondering what they can do to help the situation.

1. Do Good by Working Up a Sweat

In a day and age where people can connect via apps and social media platforms, working together (in private) to reach a common goal is easier than ever.

A global pandemic can be the reason sportsmanship and camaraderie are felt more deeply. While it can tear us apart, we here at teroGO strive to work against that and instead come together to form an invisible partnership through our employee engagement campaigns.

Being relieved from duties at work and spending days at home can really stir up anxiousness, isolation, and loneliness amongst your employees. To keep them in the proper mindset, there needs to be a way to connect with one another and show each other that we are all together.

Young woman running in wood, training and exercising for trail r

A good way to do this is through exercise and eating right. Exercising creates endorphins and leaves the individual feeling happier and more hopeful. This is especially important in light of the seriousness of COVID-19.

With the imminent cancellation and/or delay of professional athletic tournaments and the 2020 Olympics, we give you the opportunity to participate in sports events without having to leave the comfort (and safety) of your own home.

Get your employees and yourself sweating while doing good at the same time. Take your leadership to the next level by organizing events and activities of your choice and donating to the charity that speaks to you.

Mother and father doing 7 days at-home morning exercises while spending time with their child

2. How it Works

Without getting into the specifics, we allow you to have complete autonomy in how the campaign is run, which charitable cause reaps the benefits, and for how long your campaign will run.

As a leader, you definitely have an idea as to how difficult it is to coordinate such an endeavor. Let’s take a simple marathon. For example, the amount of money, time, and organization can be quite staggering. 

However, teroGO not only cuts back on costs, but we set up everything for you with our app and web dashboard to give you full control of the campaign from the palm of your hand.

play 4 peace challenge dashboard

Lots of us lead sedentary lifestyles that do more harm than good for our overall health. Your staff members and yourself can strive to improve your health while becoming motivational changemakers at the same time.

You get to connect with everyone attempting the campaign and post “sweaty selfies” (post-workout selfies) to encourage each other. Give team members high fives and words of praise as you pass each milestone as a group. 

Follow along with your employees’ achievements and share their progress for the extra boost in morale everyone needs during this global crisis.

selfie of a guy after running

3. Benefits of a Virtual Campaign

The devastation the COVID-19 has left in its wake so far varies from person to person, but we all share the sentiment of social distancing. Humans are social animals, and spending enough time alone and indoors can lead to feelings of isolation, demotivation, and of course, loneliness.

You can curb these feelings by getting a move on, using our digital app to minimize exposure and risk of infection but not sacrificing your physical and mental health. 

During this difficult period, there are two types of mentalities – the “every man for himself” and the “we’re all in the same boat” schools of thought.

screenshot of the atlasGO app activities

While self-isolating and social distancing can ever so slightly nudge people towards the former, we here at teroGO want to promote the latter. Work to bring people together through our high fives, sweaty selfies, and chats on our social platform.

Keeping a light attitude and offering words of encouragement can really bring the light to darker times. Just because your employees are no longer at the office, that is no reason to abandon ship at a time like this.

teroGO lends a hand to those looking for a way to keep their employees positive and resilient. A time of need is when people look to leadership the most. Strong leadership is the difference between a sinking and a sailing ship.

Take care of not only yourself and your employees but the community as well.

atlasgo leaderboard screenshot


Connecting to others has always been crucial to our growth and happiness. Movement and physical activities help to serve the same purposes. The words “connection” and “movement” have taken on the increased significance and different meanings in the situation we find our global community facing. 

teroGO creates those opportunities to move and connect and, as a result, paves the path for growth and wellbeing during times of social or geographical isolation. The need to distance ourselves physically should not prevent us from creating, renewing, and maintaining our connections to others. This is not the time to retreat or to blockade; but rather, it is a time to find new solutions and build new bridges.

Want to set up your virtual employee engagement campaign? Contact

Written by Jess Lin.

group of friends high five each other in a park

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