Thank you for running with us! ?

Together we ran 94,951 Kms this year! Thank you for being part of the atlasGO community. Every step you take makes a difference. Since the 31st of March 2017, thousands of people like you made atlasGO a reality!

atlasGO statistics so far:

?21 challenges

?30 partners

?$65,000 – €25,000 – 10,000CHF 

?5,832 Sweaty Selfies 

?94,951 Kilometers (= 59,000 Miles ??)

The reason I wanted to reach out is to say Thank You! ? We are a team of 8 people from 7 different countries working everyday to build a global community of sweaty change-makers and we could not do this without your participation. 

Want to help develop our community? People often ask how they can support us. 

Here are 5 simple ways: 

1) Give us ????? on the Appstore or Google Play (A review helps boost downloads by 25% – Also, I will send you an atlasGO sticker if you rate us today!?)

2) Invite your friends to join atlasGO by sending them this link:  (Text/Whatsapp/Messenger/Email…)

3) Share your atlasGO posts on Social Media like Christophe, Aisha and many more. It’s the best way to get people to know about atlasGO! ?

4) Follow us on Social (Instagram/Facebook/Twitter)

5) Reach out with feedback:

I work closely with our tech team (Seo, Ravali & Joseph) to build the best product for you. Our goal is to design it around your needs. If you want to give new ideas for us to build, feedback about the existing product or simply say hi ?. Please reach out: 

-Whatsapp: +1 (415) 640-9090

-Facebook: Thomas Querton

-Email: ?

I can’t wait to see more pictures from around the world on the atlasGO App! ?

Thank you for your support! ?

Happy running,

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