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Employer Branding: How to Attract and Retain Talent in the Modern Workplace

May 8, 2023 |

In today’s economy, where the hunt for talent is becoming more competitive and retaining top talent is essential for a business’s survival, employer branding has evolved into a crucial topic. The needs of job seekers have changed dramatically over the years, and now, making an impact with a job, having a positive company culture, feeling cared for, and having a meaningful job are becoming essential factors. Studies show that 75% of job seekers consider an employer’s brand before even applying for a job, and 69% of candidates would reject a job offer from a company with a poor employer brand.


Defining your Employer Value Proposition (EVP) framework for effective branding

Implementing an employer branding strategy may seem like a momentous task, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. To start, it’s important for you to consider what is essential for your company’s culture and values, and to define what makes your company unique. Introducing the EVP (Employer Value Proposition) framework can help you define goals and ensure that the employer branding strategy aligns with your vision and mission. A central goal of the strategy of course should be to attract and retain top talent, create a positive company culture, and build an engaged community.


How to execute your employer branding strategy and build a strong online presence

Once the employer branding strategy is defined, it’s important to execute it effectively. Examples of how to do this include building a strong online presence through social media platforms and having a dedicated careers page on the company website. It’s also important to communicate the strategy effectively within your company, involve your employees in the process, and build momentum by keeping everyone engaged in the progress. One idea could be to create dedicated committees for the topics you have identified as crucial, as an example a culture committee or wellbeing committee with clear goals and resources available to reach these. 


Involving your employees in the process for better engagement

One tool that can help with this task is the teroGO employee wellbeing platform. teroGO can help you bridge the needs between community building, employee well-being, social and environmental impact, which are all key aspects of employer branding. Reach out to our team to schedule a demo or to ask any questions on how we can help you getting started with your employer branding journey today.


Don’t forget, employer branding will become even more crucial in attracting and retaining top talent. You must create a unique and positive culture to differentiate yourself from competitors. By implementing a strategy that aligns with your vision and mission and by executing it with strong patterns such as teroGO will help you succeed in building a strong employer brand.


Written by Olivier Kaeser

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