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Daily Habits: How you can create change inside your company for our Planet

“Only when the last tree is cut, 

only when the last river is polluted, 

only when the last fish is caught, 

will they realize that you can’t eat money.” 

– Native American Proverb –

Companies Initiatives

With the increasing wake-up calls our Pachamama is giving us, it’s clear there’s more action that needs to be taken. 

How can you help your company lead this change?

Many great ideas have been initiated in the last years with bike2work schemes and companies building safe bike garages, making sure employees can store them throughout the workday.

Step challenges encourage employees to get out of one public transport station early and walk the rest of the distance or carpool with others. 

I’ve also seen #MeatlessMondays be encouraged in company cafeterias and education, revolving around eating less meat as a part of everyone’s day-to-day and what that does for our planet.

Common Initiatives


Cleanups of parks and beaches are a common one, and there are great organizations to partner with, like the Ocean Blue Project or hosting a tree planting day with your teams in your neighborhoods with Friends of the Urban Forest

One initiative I heard from the B Corp community that is so visual is their “show your trash” initiative. For a whole week, they had designated areas where employees would wash and stack their “trash” from takeaways. After one week, they saw the amount of waste they accumulated from single-used plastic or compostable items. They were shocked by the number of plastic coffee-to-go cups, lunch takeaway boxes, and the list goes on. 

Can you get company-branded to-go cups and encourage taking them with you whenever possible?

Make A Change


As Arianna Huffington says at Thrive, it’s all about the micro-steps. What are some of the minuscule steps you can take to help your colleagues and the rest of the company work on to help create behavior change? 

Some much bigger changes your company can embark on are looking into solutions like the RE100 pledge. Atlassian is a great example of a company that has joined the RE100 pledge to run its 100% renewable energy operations by 2025. 

Whatever company you are part of, there is change you can start to create. Maybe it starts with just you and your home, and then you bring that into your team and company.

New atlasGO Features


At atlasGO, we’re excited to announce our new activities that can help you track these habits within your teams and companies for challenges to help raise awareness about the little micro-steps you can take that will push your employees to build new habits to help create change. 

Bike2Work, Walk2Work, Run2Work – These are separate from the regular walking, running, and biking activities used solely for commuting. That way, as a company, you’re able to track your overall positive impact. On the number of employees that are choosing this option! 

Vegetarian Meals – Want to help your employees eat less meat? They can enter every time they’ve eaten a meal without meat, take a picture and who knows, maybe even share the recipe.

Volunteer Hours – Want a simple system for all of your employees to track and share photos from their volunteering experiences? We’ve got it covered. 

Trees Planted – Help reforest a neighborhood, a park nearby, or maybe the company’s yard? You can track over a period of time how many trees were planted. We also have some great partners we can recommend to you. 

Whether it’s with the atlasGO tools or another idea you have, we’d love to hear it and share it with our community. Every little bit counts!

Have more ideas you trialed and tested at your company? 

I’d love to hear about more initiatives: Magali 


Magali Mathieu 

Chief Partnership Builder & Co-founder, atlasGO

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