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August 17, 2020 |

What an honor to be included in the list of recommended businesses by! They don’t just recognize any business but businesses that have demonstrated a commitment to serving their communities. Not only that but all the businesses have been verified to provide high-quality services and products.

What is is a new company that launched in May 2019. As the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown swept the world in mid-March, has taken it upon itself to support local businesses in the Golden State. 

This company focuses its attention on certain businesses that have a proven track record of supporting their communities. By doing this, they encourage people to utilize their services to benefit themselves and their businesses.

Payam Zamani, an entrepreneur that arrived in this country as a refugee, created He is a stunning example of what refugees can offer. Additionally, the website is his way of paying tribute to the country that sheltered him during his time of need.

Their main purpose is to connect local Californians with local businesses in hopes to yield priceless and memorable experiences. From these experiences, hopes to connect with and support organizations to promote equality and philanthropy. badge icon

What This Means for teroGO

It means the world to us to be recognized as a company that provides an indispensable service to the community. Check out our profile page on the website to learn more about us.

This recognition further solidifies teroGO as a valued member of businesses in California; therefore, it proves that we are a company that sparks positive change and has a positive impact.

Their seal of approval has further motivated us. We desire to keep carrying out our goals to encourage social change. No matter how small or how big their social change footprint is, we value the effort all of teroGO’s participants put forward.

With this acknowledgment, we will push ourselves to put even more energy into raising funds and awareness. To perpetuate the ongoing address of social issues, from planting trees to leading a healthier lifestyle, we have aided our partners in raising over a million dollars with 60 events in 20 countries! 

atlas go profile

What We Offer

teroGO is a virtual platform that connects “sweaty changemakers” from all over the world working towards a common goal. You will be the one to determine what this goal is. You can browse our selection of ongoing virtual challenges in an effort to raise funds and awareness for worthy causes.

We cater mostly to non-profits and companies and have a proven track record of increasing employee and community engagement, social awareness, and healthier lifestyles.

What’s amazing about virtual races and challenges is they can be done at anytime, anywhere. People from all over the world can participate, which makes the new norm of social distancing possible. You can be jogging in your neighborhood or on a hiking trail, and the app doesn’t differentiate the results.

If jogging isn’t your thing, we have a wide range of activities that you can choose from. From yoga to meditation, the choices offer a variety to satisfy any preference. There are enormous benefits to exercising, and the platform makes it fun by enabling the sharing of virtual high fives and sweaty selfies.

Aside from the obvious benefits of supporting a good cause and exercising, our platform also increases employee engagement, decreasing employee burnout and turnover and fostering stronger relationships and bonds within your company.

Just head on over to our website and check it out for yourself!

atlasGO and sweaty selfies


We cannot express our gratitude and delight for having been accepted into the recommended business program. Even more so, we are overjoyed for the exposure and wider reach this will give our company to continue with our goals and values.

Helping the community is our number 1 objective, and with’s recognition, we have discovered newfound ambition and drive to continue benefiting those in the Golden State and, eventually, the world!

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