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How teroGO raised $70k+ on Wefunder!

April 13, 2019 |

thomas querton ceo of atlasGO

We opened up $60k of our $1M round to the public so that our friends, users, and clients can invest in teroGO in the same conditions as our angels.

Join 108 early-stage believers on Wefunder today!

?What is Wefunder?
We will be closing this year a $1M round with accredited angel investors. We wanted to open a part of the round to our friends, users, and clients. For only $100, you can become an investor at the same conditions as the angels!

Invest here!

?Why invest?
•Generated $175k+ in early revenue while raising $600K+ for 55+ nonprofits around the world.
•26 corporate clients including Linkedin, PayPal, Google, Swiss Re, Lululemon.
•Raised $1.1M+ in Seed Capital.
•Launched global challenges with engagement in more than 18 countries.
•Core team with a proven track record in the impact, employee engagement, CSR, and mobile app development space.
•Strong network of advisors and industry partners such as the EPIC Foundation and Garmin.
•Benefit Corporation and Certified B Corp.
•Product that clients/users love. Ready to scale!

⚡️How to spread the word?
Want to help us achieve (and surpass) our goal? Share this message with a friend, a colleague, a runner, your rich aunt, your high school teacher, your soulmate,…anybody who wants to be part of an impactful startup and vote with their wallet today!

Thank you for helping us grow the #1 fitness for good movement in the world!?

Thomas Querton
CEO & Co-Founder, teroGO

Connect on Linkedin | | San Francisco

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