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Launch customized virtual challenges for your company

Our customizable virtual challenges help corporations engage and unite their employees. We specialize in physical wellbeing, mental wellbeing, sustainability and social impact, but we’re flexible to fit your company’s needs.

Environmental challenge gif for atlasGO virtual challenges

Get your challenge live in 5 easy steps

One of our experts will help get your challenge up and running in no time.

1. Define your challenge focus

Our virtual challenges are fully customizable. Get inspiration from our wellbeing calendar, or choose the theme of your choice. Throw a Virtual Pride Parade, practice mindfulness for Mental Health Awareness Month, get sustainable for Earth Month, or even celebrate a company anniversary!

2. Set an inspiring goal

Choose an overall challenge goal that aligns with your company’s strategy. Maybe it’s planting 1,000 trees, collectively traveling around the globe by foot or bike, doing 1 million push ups, or volunteering for 1,000 hours - the choice is yours!

3. Choose your activities

Select the activities your employees will complete in order to reach your goal. For example, activities like running or reading a book could unlock a planted tree!

4. Launch your virtual challenge

Employees can join your challenge by downloading the atlasGO app and entering their unlock code. Then, they get to start interacting with each other, contribute to the challenge goal, and much more!

5. Manage your challenge

Your dedicated Customer Success Manager will make sure your process is a breeze. Plus, you’ll be able to share communication with your team directly through the atlasGO app, or with our Slack and Microsoft Teams integrations!

Define your challenge focus
wellbeing app showing a corporate challenge goal
Choose your challenge activities
Launch Your corporate Challenge
Our Customer Success Management Team!

Need inspiration? Take a look at our holistic wellbeing calendar.

Virtual challenges can go live in as little as a week!

Activity tracking & employee engagement

Allow participants to log their activities through live tracking from our app, manual entry, or with 3rd-party integrations like Strava, Fitbit, Garmin, and Apple Health.

Our app gives employees the space to build community as they track their activities, post photos to a shared feed, give each other virtual high-fives, chat in clubs, compete on leaderboards, and more!

atlasgo app screen showing activities and photos for virtual challenges
clubs section in atlasgo app for virtual challenges

Corporate team building

Clubs allow employees to connect with other like-minded colleagues. With a dedicated team chat, members can bond, exchange ideas, and support each other. You can even launch custom challenges for clubs!

Friendly competition

Foster friendly competition and engage your employees with our dynamic leaderboards. You can customize leaderboards by department, office location, or another option of your choice. Watch your employees reach their goals together!

Leaderboards from atlasGO app for virtual challenges
Dashboard & Backend for atlasGO virtual challenges

Data & reporting

Easily manage your challenge and track progress with your own challenge dashboard. Customize and adjust activities, download detailed reports, communicate with your team, and more. Stay in control of your program and achieve your goals.

Communicate & inspire

Spread the excitement and impact of your challenge. Reach your team with personalized emails, eye-catching pinned posts, and push notifications. Enhance engagement even further by integrating your challenge with Slack and Microsoft Teams, where you can share automated leaderboards, photos, and challenge stats.

communication visibility inspiration

Want to see our app in action?

Go the extra mile with mini challenges

Mini challenges are a fun way to inspire your team to compete for prizes and recognition. Each time an employee completes a challenge, they earn points that help them climb the leaderboard. Here are some mini challenge ideas to get you started:

Man on a bike
Mini challenge idea

Tour de France

Cycling activity counts double!

Mini challenge idea

Find your look-alike

Take a picture of someone who resembles you and unlock higher challenge ranking!

woman drinking water
Mini challenge idea

Mental Wellbeing

Share how you cope with feelings of stress, get rewarded!

man and woman cooking in a kitchen for atlasGO virtual challenges
Mini challenge idea

Master Chef

Share your best meals and recipes, earn some challenge points!

Peaceful lady sitting in Padmasana pose while meditating on mat for atlasGO virtual challenges
Mini challenge idea

Yoga Pose Challenge

Get extra challenge points for sharing a photo and explanation of your favorite yoga pose!

woman with bike in front of a lake
three men riding a bike in a park
group of friends taking a selfie while hiking
man taking a selfie in the park
woman taking a selfie in a pool
group of women holding their bikes
woman doing yoga
group of atlasgo employees smiling
Move4Hunger Running with Group
group of women taking a selfie in a hike
woman doing yoga on the beach
photo of shoes and hands making a star
tennis racket with 3 balls on the sides in tennis court
two man taking a selfie in the mountains covered in snow
group of man biking
woman smiling after race
man a dog walking on the snow
Move4Hunger Kayaking

Be our next success story!

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