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All the features you need for a healthy and happy workforce

Our comprehensive features promote employee engagement, boost well-being, strengthen company culture, and enhance productivity.

atlasgo employees celebrating their wellbeing

Keep your employees engaged

more than 350 activities available in atlasgo app

350+ gamified activities

Build a challenge focused on fitness, mindfulness, social impact, or sustainability with diverse activities for everyone. 

Customizable challenges

Unify your team around the topics that are important to your organization. Give back to your community, encourage holistic well-being, and do good for the environment.

atlasgo app showing community goal
atlasgo app sharing virtual high five

Mobile app for activity tracking and engagement 

Employees build community as they track activities, celebrate their impact by sharing sweaty selfies, give each other virtual high-fives, chat in teams, compete on a leaderboard, and more!

Mobile app feed

Employees can see all the photos and activities their colleagues have logged! Scroll through the feed to see shared photos, and double-tap to give them virtual high fives.

atlasgo mobile app feed
atlasgo mobile app showing leaderboards


Leaderboards foster friendly competition! Challenge participants can see which teams and individuals are at the top of the list. Leaderboards can also be created by departments, office location, or any other option that fits your needs. 

Team chatting

Employees can chat with their team directly through the atlasGO app, building community as they share motivational messages and strategize ways to get to the top of the leaderboard.

atlasgo mobile app showing team chat

Individual profile

Each challenge participant has their own personal profile! They can add a profile photo, see all the activities they’ve logged, photos they’ve shared, and challenge history.

Interactive map

Watch your team reach challenge goals as they move along an interactive map. Set your goal from San Francisco to New York, a turn around the world, or even a set distance in your city. 

atlasgo interactive app in Brussels

Boost the well-being of your team

Video content by wellness coaches

Holistic video platform WellnessGO takes your challenge one step further. Experts guide employees on their well-being journey with a variety of short and long wellness videos. Yoga, meditation, workouts, breathing exercises, and more!

video on computer of atlasgo teacher doing yoga
activity goals screen from atlasgo app

Individual activity tracking

Employees can motivate themselves to stay on track with their own individual activity goals. They can create their own or join one created by a coworker!

* Coming soon

Personalized surveys

Personalized surveys track the progress of your employees through their well-being journey and help you learn more about what’s important to them. 

* Coming soon

in-app surveys atlasgo app

Trusted by organizations big and small

Make your challenge a success

atlasgo customer success management team

Dedicated Customer Success Manager 

Throughout the process, your dedicated Customer Success Manager will guide you every step of the way and adapt as needed to make sure your challenge is a success!

Client Admin Panel

Add or modify activities, download reports, share messages with the team, and more. Your dedicated Customer Success Manager will ensure a smooth process.

atlasgo client admin tool for reports
pinned posts on atlasgo app

Pinned posts

As a challenge organizer, you can create pinned posts for your team to see as they scroll through the app feed! Bring their attention to specific messages, share challenge stats, celebrate milestones, and more!

Wondering how to get the best out of atlasGO?

Our team of experts is here for you!

lea atlasgo employee


cedric atlasgo employee


Diyor atlasGO employee


baptiste atlasgo employee


Bring well-being into your favorite tools

We integrate with your favorite fitness trackers...

All our challenges are tracked on the atlasGO app, which allows participants to log their activities through live tracking from our app, manual entry, or with 3rd-party integrations like Strava, Fitbit, Garmin, and Apple Health

… and your favorite communication tools

Engage with your employees on a platform they all use, whether it’s SlackWebex, or Microsoft Teams. Don’t overload your employees with emails, connect with them in your internal communication systems with automated leaderboards, photos, stat updates, unique video content, and much more.

Not sure if you want the yearly solution or a one-time challenge?

Gatien Laloux

“atlasGO helps us on a daily basis to think of others by becoming one with our team…it’s magic! Thank you atlasGO!”

Gatien Laloux


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