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How Virtual Races are Good for Everyone and Easy to Do

mars 15, 2021 |

Virtual races can offer the same advantages, but they also bring a layer of convenience and innovation to the conventional in-person race. 

Exercise yields countless benefits, so whether you are just commencing a new hobby or looking for new ways to liven things up, virtual races could be the answer. Especially when there is still a global pandemic and social distancing rules are still in place, a virtual platform will allow non-profits to continue with their endeavors. 

Supporting Greater Causes with Virtual Races

Non-profits often host virtual races in an effort to raise awareness for a significant cause. teroGO has had a hand in creating virtual races while working with organizations such as Unicef Croatia for the Milky Way Race, Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation for their Get Gutsy: Tour Across America race, and the Virtual Run for Europe by QED & 20km à l’envers. 

The goal of a virtual race is for nonprofit organizations to have a platform to raise awareness and funds for their causes. 

Participants of a virtual race can also go a step further than only purchasing a donation ticket. Participants can increase awareness by using the Peer to Peer fundraising feature. Peer to Peer fundraising enables them to create their individual or team pages and raise extra donations. Find out more info about Peer to Peer here

virtual race select your ticket

A Global Sense of Community 

Due to the virtual platform, a virtual race can increase the reach non-profits or companies have and foster the bond participants share with their communities. 

This is amazing as it can allow people from all over the world to work towards one common goal regardless of their location.. This convenience will further increase global communities’ engagement and extend the reach the cause would not be able to  obtain from the conventional  in-person race. 

Virtual challenges uniting people of all walks of life from around the globe

With a simple sweaty selfie or virtual high five, teroGO’s engaging mobile app allows the spread of joy with a click of your camera and the push of a button. teroGO also features a leaderboard that will depict participant rankings with the number of miles or hours they have accumulated. Seeing your name or the names of friends and family can serve as greater motivation to keep pushing harder.

Some virtual races can incorporate both virtual and real-life prizes into their events. For example, virtual bibs, water bottles, towels, T-shirts, and medals can be delivered to all participants and top-ranking sweaty changemakers.

smiling man with sun glasses wearing green in park selfie

Location Flexibility with Virtual Races 

A common thread between all virtual activities is the convenience they provide. An in-person race requires the event to be held at a specific place at a particular time, all of which are irrelevant for a virtual platform. This advantage is more pertinent than ever in the global pandemic we all face today.

With a virtual race, you can enjoy the freedom of participating wherever you want. You won’t have to follow a predetermined route and can partake in the event wherever you are. Being a part of a virtual race allows you the flexibility to rack up the miles and hours without limits and restrictions. 

woman with bike taking a selfie

No Time? No Problem!

Aside from the location, another advantage of virtual races is the freedom to participate at any time. No longer will time zones or busy schedules restrict when you can join in. Accessibility is, therefore, a great asset of an online platform.  

man an woman of color running in a park with snow

Activity Choices 

Depending on the race you choose, there can be a wide range of activities to select from. teroGO offers both time and distance-based activities that can contribute to the end objective. Whether you love hiking, running,  biking, meditation, yoga, or even trash cleanup, pick your favorite activities and GO! 

Engaging in a pastime that you like will bring more motivation to keep pushing towards the next milestone.  Because there are so many different activities to choose from, you can always mix up your exercise routine to prevent boredom or burnout! 

Virtual race activities you can participate in on the atlasGO engaging mobile app from running to biking to hiking to even picking up trash!


Aside from the conveniences a virtual race can bring, joining an event for a worthy cause can also make you healthier and happier. Physical activities such as running and swimming can improve cardiovascular fitness and increase your metabolism. More sedentary time-based activities such as meditation can strengthen your mind and help you manage emotions.

With social distancing still in place in many countries worldwide, it’s the perfect time to try out this new avenue for fundraising, spreading awareness, and getting healthy. 

Written by Jess Lin.

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