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Introducing WaaS: How we changed our company so you can make an impact in yours!

oktober 11, 2022 |

It started in April 2017. 

We launched the atlasGO app and our very first challenge. Every mile ran unlocked a 25 cent donation from AT&T to benefit our local San Francisco based nonprofit partner Back On My Feet. 

After five years and 550+ challenges, we’re looking back on a journey that has shaped us into a global player for virtual community engagement.

We’ve grown a talented and committed team of 20 people, worked with over 500 partners around the world, added more than 350 wellbeing activities, and expanded our product to include all types of challenges, such as sustainability and corporate volunteering. 

So far, over 124,000 people have joined an atlasGO challenge. They’ve completed 2,066,883 activities on the app, and helped to raise more than $12,000,000 for impactful nonprofit organizations.

Looking back, one main discovery tops them all. 

We witnessed time and time again that when colleagues come together during atlasGO challenges for a greater cause, it inspires them to go the extra mile when it comes to working on their personal wellbeing. 

As a social business en certified B Corporation, we’re driven by our mission to help organizations improve the holistic wellbeing of their people. The next logical step on our journey as a social business was to make these positive habits last beyond the one-time challenges. 

We began working with some of our corporate partners to implement multiple challenges per year. Challenge themes were focused on exercising, mindfulness, sustainability, community, and social impact. 

🌎 We ran sustainability challenges that planted trees in honor of Earth Month.

🏳️‍🌈 We held virtual pride parades in June.

🧠 We promoted the need to take care of mental health in October.

💚 We closed the year with giving challenges.

The impact was clear. 

“atlasGO helpt ons elke dag om aan anderen te denken door één te worden met ons team...het is magisch! Bedankt atlasGO! ” – Gatien Laloux, CEO of XLG

“Our yearly atlasGO challenge allows us to create awareness for the work of the Swiss Re Foundation, for our partners but most importantly, to connect Swiss Re employees from all over the world in a way it was not possible before we partnered with altasGO.” – Yeshe Zarotsang, project manager for the Swiss Re Foundation

“This challenge was a real success within Sweco, so much so that we were almost disappointed to have reached our goal because it meant that our challenge was coming to an end.” – Emilie Weins, Team Manager Integrated Design at Sweco

Other companies like Nestle, Belfius, ViacomCBS,…joined the fun!

The results of these one-time challenges were so promising that we decided to develop atlasGO into an ongoing platform for holistic wellbeing. We call it WaaS (wellbeing as a service).

When an organization chooses WaaS, employees get access to the company’s own private corporate space in the atlasGO app. Employees will be able to work on their wellbeing goals individually, and participate in customized challenges as a team

As a company, you get to define your own wellbeing calendar for the year, plugging in custom themed challenges as needed. We put together a full calendar of challenge ideas, making it simple to pick which ideas align best with your own strategy and goals. 

We developed video content platform WellnessGO to guide employees through their wellbeing journey. Coaches on the platform teach the best techniques to boost wellbeing by incorporating yoga, meditation, sound healing, and stretching videos, to say a few. 

With in-app surveys, users can easily track their progress along the way. 

Our goal was to help employees build healthy habits on an ongoing basis, met plug-in challenges as needed to promote topics important to the organization, leadership, and community.

The research shows us that now more than ever, it’s crucial to implement employee wellbeing initiatives. Employee wellbeing is on the decline, and in some locations globally, it’s the lowest it’s been in nearly a decade. Data shows that when employees feel a high sense of wellbeing, they are more engaged at work, loyal to their company, less burnt out, en happier in life. 

With WaaS, you can make a real impact on your employee’s lives and show them you care.

When you think about a year-round wellbeing platform, you might assume that for the organizer, it’s a huge time commitment. We didn’t want this to be the case, so we made it as simple as possible to get started. Our Customer Success Managers are there to help you every step of the way. You’ll even have access to reports, data, and more directly from your own portal.

Onze fully virtual platform makes it easy to engage your employees, bring your widespread team together, en promote wellbeing van anywhere in the world. 

Join us on our mission to help your team be healthier, happier, and engaged to make a difference.

Ready, set… WaaS!

~ Tommy, Oli, & the atlasGO team

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