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Waarom Hybride Races de beste keuze kunnen zijn voor 2022

augustus 19, 2021 |

Since 2020, events have been reinventing themselves all the time. Virtual is here to stay but the trend is moving more and more towards Hybrid events. They are the best of both worlds. They allow organizations to add a virtual component to a physical event helping them reach a wider audience and fundraise even more. This is especially handy as COVID-19 is still a reality and when regulations are not the same everywhere, some countries do not allow for significant events, or some people might not be ready to assist a physical race.

In fact, 73 percent of event planners now think hybrid events will continue to be more common in the future. Hybrid races enable organizations to maximize the number of participants, increase funds, and will allow them to connect with donors from all over the world.

What are Virtual Races?

Virtual Races started to gain popularity due to the COVID-19 pandemic as a fundraising solution for organizations. These flexible virtual community campaigns allow nonprofits to raise funds while engaging their communities in a meaningful way from anywhere in the world. They help reduce operational costs while enhancing the reach around a nonprofit’s mission. 

What makes virtual races so unique is the length of the campaign, as instead of one day, they can go for a few weeks or months. Nonprofits will keep their participants engaged on the teroGO mobile app as they log their activities, share photos, create teams, and interact with each other. 

running in park virtually in hybrid race

What is a Hybrid fundraising campaign?

Hybrid races mean bringing together two elements that complement each other. In the fundraising and events worlds, we talk about having integrated virtual and physical components. But how can you incorporate these elements for your next fundraising campaign? As a nonprofit, you need to keep up with the ever-changing world, and it’s hard to stay relevant, so at teroGO, we came up with a few examples of how to jump on the hybrid train.

hybrid races fundraising money

1. Add a virtual race to your physical event

You are thinking about going back to organizing a physical event. That’s great! We all miss seeing each other physically but think about your event’s power by inviting people from worldwide to participate. Both races will happen simultaneously, thanks to the teroGO mobile app. Participants can add their activities, check the leaderboards and even receive the same medal or t-shirt as the physical race participants. 

man and woman of color running

2. Diversify your yearly strategy by adding one 100% virtual event despite other physical events

Keep your physical and virtual events separate as part of your yearly strategy. This allows you to target different communities at different times and keep your supporters inspired by providing them with options. Customize your virtual event to meet your organization’s goals. Go for a week or month campaign. Set individual goals for your participants. Create a friendly competition between teams. Possibilities are endless. 


3. Add pieces of virtual to your physical events.

Want to engage your community previous to your physical event? This is the perfect chance to include a virtual component for them to train on the teroGO app, share photos and meet each other before the big day. You can choose between more than 150 activities, from fitness to wellness to self-improvement. 

Leverage online donations. With peer-to-peer fundraising, let your event participants ask their friends and families for extra donations. You can have your own fundraising dashboard with your set goal and leaderboards to see more fundraising. Each participant will have their own customizable individual fundraising page to tell their story, set their individual goals, and share a unique link with their networks. 


Why Hybrid is the Answer to Your Problems

As Lisa Bennett of the Forbes Communications Council states in her article “Beyond Virtual Considerations For Creating A Hybrid Event Strategy”; there is a balance that organizations must strike to create the right mix of in-person and virtual offerings based on their needs, audience, and strategic goals. And the sum of these parts is what we call a hybrid event strategy.

Hybrid provides flexibility to every participant, giving them peace of mind, knowing they can still be part of the race if they can’t go in person for reasons like money, health, work, location, or family. You can reduce the barrier to entry and provide equal opportunity for everyone to participate.

Your organization relies on its revenue, and expanding your fundraising strategies will help you continue growing. Fundraising is evolving, and as a nonprofit is essential to embrace the emerging trends and adapt your fundraising approaches to stay relevant.

What we have seen is an increase in everything positive. An increase in donor engagement, an increase in fundraising, a decrease in environmental footprint, and a decrease in operations cost.

All of this is possible with teroGO. We provide a hybrid solution that is tailored to your exact needs to fundraise the most money possible. 

Man running in the woods

Get Started Today

Conclusively, hybrid races simply provide a solution that fits the most people and teamed with teroGO, and it will be an unstoppable fundraising event. So, are you ready for a hybrid? Reach out to us and request a demo today.

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