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Celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Day with your employees

Febbraio 9, 2023 |

Looking for ways to celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Day with your employees? You’ve come to the right place! This special day is celebrated annually on February 17th, and the purpose is to help make kindness the norm at school, home, and work. 

We’ll give you some tips on how to celebrate this day with your employees, but first, let’s take a look at some key benefits that kind acts have on ourselves and others.

Did you know there are scientifically proven benefits to being kind? 

As an HR manager, there are various methods to enhance employee wellbeing. A simple yet effective way is through social impact activities, such as acts of kindness. Research indicates that kind acts can have a significant positive impact on both the wellbeing of individuals who engage and those around them.

In fact, referred to as the “helper’s high,” Emory University research shows that when you perform an act of kindness, your brain’s pleasure and reward centers become active, as though you’re the one receiving the favor.

Not only does kindness make you feel good, but it can also decrease your blood pressure. Acts of kindness release the hormone oxytocin. In turn, oxytocin causes the release of a chemical called nitric oxide, which dilates the blood vessels and reduces blood pressure. 

That’s not all. In a study done by UC Berkeley, approximately half the research participants reported feeling stronger and more energetic after assisting others. Notably, many participants stated that they also experienced a sense of calmness and reduced depression, along with an increase in self-worth.

Why? Kindness stimulates the production of serotonin, a feel-good chemical that has been shown to have a positive impact on one’s overall mood and wellbeing.

A study conducted at the University of British Columbia further proved this point. Individuals with anxiety were instructed to engage in six acts of kindness per week. After a month, the results showed a considerable improvement in their moods and satisfaction with relationships, along with a reduction in social avoidance among those who were socially anxious.

On a holistic level, kindness is good for our health. Stephen Post of Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine found that when we engage in kindness, our life satisfaction, physical health, and wellbeing are all significantly enhanced. 

Here are some ways to celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Day with your employees

Now that we’ve explored the significance engaging in acts of kindness has on wellbeing, let’s dive into some creative ways to celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Day with your employees! 

1. Group volunteering

Bring your team together and make a positive impact by volunteering for a cause that resonates with everyone. 

Take the opportunity to make a difference by choosing an activity that aligns with your team’s values and interests. Whether it’s cleaning up your local community, lending a hand at a children’s home, distributing food at a soup kitchen, or another meaningful cause, the options are endless. To ensure the best experience for your team, consider presenting several volunteering options and conducting a survey to determine the most suitable choice for your group. By working together for a good cause, your team will foster a deeper sense of unity and purpose.

2. Collecting donations for charity

Unite your team around a cause that matters to them by starting a donation drive for a local charity. Encourage employees to give back by collecting items that will make a real impact, such as toys for children, clothing, non-perishable food, or any other donation of your choice. 

By coming together to support a worthy cause, you and your team can make a meaningful difference in your community and feel a sense of pride and accomplishment.

3. Treat them to lunch

If you’re seeking a simple way to show your employees some kindness, treat them to a delicious lunch! This gesture of generosity will provide an enjoyable break in the workday and offer an opportunity for employees to bond and connect over a shared meal. Whether it’s a team lunch or individual treats, this simple act of kindness is sure to be appreciated by your team.

4. Virtual challenge 

Here’s a creative and innovative approach – host a virtual employee engagement challenge centered around acts of kindness. Utilize a platform like teroGO, which provides a seamless solution for connecting employees across the globe. This unique challenge will bring your team together and encourage them to engage in meaningful acts of kindness, all while fostering a strong sense of connection and community, no matter where they’re located.

As the challenge organizer, you can choose activities for your employees to complete on their end. Some examples include:

• Holding the door open for someone

• Paying for the person behind you in line

• Giving a compliment to a stranger

• Donating to a local charity

• Cooking a meal for a neighbor

• Sending a thank-you note to a teacher or mentor

Upon completing their acts of kindness, employees can log the impactful activities and share them with their team through the teroGO app. With a wide range of activities to choose from, every employee can participate in a way that suits them best.

The challenge organizer has the option to set a collective goal for the team, and for each act of kindness completed, employees can earn a special token that moves the team closer to the goal. By working together, the team can collectively achieve the goal and, if you choose, unlock a donation to a nonprofit organization of your choice.

Not only does this virtual challenge offer a unique and meaningful way to engage employees, it may also be more affordable than a traditional employee treat, like lunch. Get creative and make the most out of teroGO’s affordable virtual challenge options.

Now you’re ready to celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Day with your employees 

It’s always a good time to spread kindness and positivity! Even if it’s not on February 17th, engaging in acts of kindness is important. Make kindness and generosity a regular part of your workplace culture.

Written by Kelly Baker, Content Marketing at teroGO

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