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Why Plant Trees with teroGO?

March 18, 2021 |

Are you looking for ways to make an impact this year? As an individual? As a company? In the article below, I will share why we started planting trees and how you can be part of the movement.  

During Earth Month 2020 (April), we decided to focus on the impact of the teroGO community on trees. Since then, we have helped plant more than 800,000 trees in less than a year. We did it thanks to our amazing community of sweaty changemakers, our reforestation partners as well as our generous sponsors.

In this blog, I’d like to tell you why we chose trees and how you can get involved in 2021!

plant trees with atlasGO half a million trees planted since April 2020

One community, one cause

Our mission is to bring together a global community of sweaty changemakers! To give people a platform to BE healthy, DO good and GO together. These pillars guide us in our day-to-day and help us create new products (like and innovate our existing solutions. As we grow the community side of the business (Free for anybody to join!) we wanted to focus our impact on ONE cause that everybody could get behind. One cause would bring people together regardless of their geography, political views, religious beliefs, gender, or age group. A common mission: planting TREES!  

planting trees with community challenges on atlasGO mobile app


Trees are an essential part of our world and life, and we can all feel the urgency that climate change reminds us of almost every day. There is a need and a desire from people across the world to be part of the solution. We want teroGO to be one of the solutions and an accessible tool for people to make a daily impact. Every time you walk, run, bike, swim, dance, meditate, practice yoga,…you plant a tree. You contribute to a global effort of sweaty changemakers. One step at a time. One breath at a time. One tree at a time! 

planting trees is vital for the Earth

Concrete impact

The climate crisis we are living through is more complex than trees. There are many actions people can take in their everyday life to go beyond. We see teroGO as the first step towards a conscious way of living. We start with the simple and concrete impact of growing a tree (4Km = 1 ? ) but hope that our community can be inspired and inspire others to become thoughtful consumers who are aware of their actions daily. Each step really does make a difference. 

Fit for trees challenge dashboard

GO beyond

We always wanted zero to be an action-oriented social media. People are not here to just scroll through an endless feed. People are here to GO! But we don’t want to stop there. We understand the importance of storytelling and developing awareness for the projects we support as a community to make a deeper impact. We do this with stories in the app, newsletters, and social media (Follow our Instagram/ Linkedin / Twitter/Facebook). 

engaging mobile app

100,000 Trees in California

The GO4Trees challenge was the first Tree challenge we launched. The goal was to plant 100,000 trees. Every time someone ran or walked 4 miles, our reforestation partner, One Tree Planted, would plant 1 tree. We were not sure how people would react and were pleasantly surprised to see more than 5,000 people join the challenge and share motivational selfies from around the world! Thanks to active teams like the Potterhead Running Club, an enthusiastic group of Harry Potter fans who ran more than 1 Million Kms since they joined zero, we achieved our goal in a couple of months

atlasGO runner

50,000 trees in Kenya

The next challenge saw 4,000 sweaty changemakers join forces for the good of the planet! After 3 months of walking, running, biking, yoga, gardening, and sharing the most wonderful pictures, we achieved our goal to plant 50,000 trees in Kenya. This was made possible by our second reforestation partner: Trees for the Future.

planting trees on the atlasGO engaging mobile app

50,000 trees in the Pacific Northwest 

Boomhi sponsored the Fit For Trees campaign, a creative way for Boomhi to promote their brand while planting trees with One Tree Planted. They engaging thousands of people to enjoy COVID-safe activities in the great outdoors. People were invited to walk, hike, wheelchair, run, bike, swim, meditate, do yoga, garden, pick up trash, and dance to the tune of 50,000 trees. 242,700 km and 2,735 sweaty selfies later, our community of sweaty changemakers did it! The trees were planted in the Pacific Northwest (USA) and benefited ecosystems on land and in the ocean.

person walking on the streets

120,000 trees in Burundi

Our latest challenge, sponsored by Smile Kombucha, has more than 3,000 people running, meditating, biking,…all for the love of trees! For every mile or hour, you sweat the Jane Goodall Institute (Belgium) will plant seedlings of native species in Burundi!

The 120,000 seedlings of native species are produced in nurseries and are planted directly on 90 km of river banks. 2,300 people are the direct beneficiaries of this project. Additionally, there are 300 volunteers committed to following the seedlings through monitoring and maintenance.

blonde woman smiling selfie

Get involved by sponsoring a challenge

100% of your donation will GO towards a reforestation project. We partner with 4 great organizations that plant trees around the world. Select your donation amount, and we will start a challenge around your brand for FREE. That’s right. We don’t take a cut. This is a unique visibility opportunity and meaningful engagement for your company. On average, more than 2,500 individuals participating on average in our tree challenges and 1,000+ pictures shared per month!

plant trees and make an impact with atlasGO

Get involved by engaging your employees

Launch a campaign for your employees that converts their healthy habits into Trees! What better way to unite your employees toward a common cause than planting trees together.

Engage your employees with over 100+ activities to choose from. Support them with activities like running, biking, and swimming. On top of that, a healthy mind with activities like yoga and meditation! We also go further with social activities like playing with your children, gardening, cooking. These activities can all be converted to trees! Make an impact in the world and on the health of your employees.

plant trees with all these amazing employee engagement activity options on atlasGO

Get involved by converting your activities

Convert your daily wellness activities into trees! Run, walk, bike, swim, do yoga, meditate,…there is an activity for everybody. And every activity plants a tree! We will be launching many challenges around the world with the goal to plant 1 Million trees in 2021! Together we are growing a healthy planet and a global community of sweaty changemakers. Join us today (If you haven’t already!) and don’t forget to invite your friends! 

-Tommy Roch

CEO, teroGO

Send me an email at or say Hi on Linkedin.

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