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Sponsor visibility

As with a physical race, you can offer sponsor visibility and interaction with your community through atlasGO.

Spread awareness, share impactful stories, and offer your sponsors attractive packages with visibility throughout your virtual race.

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Wondering what visibility you can give to your corporate sponsors? Here are some of the possibilities atlasGO can offer to your partners:

1. Registration/Challenge Page – Feature your sponsors throughout your registration dashboard. 

2. atlasGO Mobile Application – Give your main sponsor(s) visibility on the app and use the “sweaty selfie” feature to tap into other social media channels!

3. Email Communication – Give your sponsors a prominent spot for your communication campaign during your virtual race.

4. Push Notifications – Use our push notification feature to say thank you to your sponsors during a race!

5. Gamification Strategies – atlasGO provides you the opportunity to further involve your sponsors in an innovative manner!

We want to help you achieve your fundraising goals by leveraging sponsorship opportunities! For that, we have created atlasGO Sponsorship Deck: 7 Ways to Attract Sponsors for Your Virtual Race!

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